How to choose the best WordPress theme?

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How to choose the best WordPress theme?

Here, I will tell you some important tips for choosing a WordPress theme.

Most of theme developers have only demo website where you will able to evaluate the various features of theme and with the help of the live demoe you can decide whether a theme is worth having or not.

Best WordPress Theme
Best WordPress Theme

Important tips for choosing a WordPress theme

  1. The theme is fast enough The Google tool will help you to analyse the performance of various web pages of a WordPress powered site and you are advised to choose the theme with a page score higher than 70.
  2. The theme is responsive – The theme should uses responsive design and it looks well on all the screens from 27” monitors to 10” tablets to 4” mobile phones. At the time of testing of responsiveness pay more attention on the menus, search boxes, inline tables behave as you resize the browser.
  3. The theme is code semantic – The well formed semantic HTML5 markup help search engines to better understand the structured information inside your web pages. You may use the tool to know the semantic data like section, article, footer available in WordPress theme.
  4. The theme is customizable – A theme should allow you to switch to a different color scheme, fonts. You should able to change the sidebar or remove it, without changing HTML.
  5. The code is bloated – You should open the HTML source of a WordPress theme and count the number of <script> tags. If you find half a dozen scripts embedded on that page, it is good to explore other themes.
  6. The code is intelligent – A good theme should conditionally add Javascript. The slider related Javascript code should be included on pages that have the slider and not an every page of the site.
  7. Short codes are included – The short codes may be added to the theme through external plugin and it helps if certain short codes are included in the theme itself.
  8. The major browsers are supported – Your website should work properly with all popular desktop and mobile browsers. Check with browsershots.

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