How to Become a Professional Data Entry Operator?

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How to Become a Professional Data Entry Operator?

You have to prepare yourself for the different kind of data entry jobs. Let us look at those skills for different data entry jobs. The most common type of data entry job is converting image to text file.

Data Entry Jobs-How to Become a Professional Data Entry Operator
Data Entry Jobs-How to Become a Professional Data Entry Operator

You have to have following skills for this kind of data entry job –

  1. You need some speed like 25 to 30 words per minute, but accuracy is more important. Here accuracy is more important than speed. You need to type things from image file into the word document.
  1. To maintain accuracy you need great concentration. All the words given are medical related. They are very hard to spell because it is not like normal English. You have to see each letter in the word and then type into word document.
  1. You must be able to sit on the computer for over 10 hours. You have to give a lot of time sitting in front of your PC.

Some Data Entry Jobs are

1.     Proofreading or Content Writing

  1. Typing and Formatting
  2. Medical Transription Jobs
  3. Form Filling or Taking up Surveys

Proofreading or Content Writing

  1. In Proofreading or content writing jobs you don’t have to see things from an image file and write it down to a word document. Here you have to create your sentences.
  1. Hence, you should know how to write an article. English is very important. You also need to know grammar for proofreading jobs.

Typing and Formatting

  1. The first skill you need is great typing speed. At least you should type 40 words per minute and maximum it could be up to 50 words per minute. You have to type simple English in a word document.
  1. For formatting you must have complete knowledge of MS word. Here you have to know about Fonts, Indentation, spacing, aligning, page layouts etc. You cannot do formatting if you do not know MS word.
  1. You also be prepared to take work load because you have to finish projects fast in the given period of them.

Medical Transcription Jobs

  1. In a medical transcription job you need to listen on phone and write it down on a spreadsheet or word document. Hence, you need a great listening skill. You have to listen and write it down very fast.
  1. Second is great knowledge of English. Because transcription jobs are only in English language.
  1. Thirdly, experience is required here. You need an experience like 2 years.

Form Filling or Taking up Surveys

  1. Here you need common sense more than anything else. You have to fill forms like survey forms where you need to answer few questions. You need some common sense.
  1. Second is good knowledge of English. Here you have to write sentences on your own. It means you don’t have to copy and write.

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