How to Become a Professional Blogger?

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How to Become a Professional Blogger?

This blog post is probably going to change my life because I am the biggest decision maker for my career. This is a post where I will bury my career and I am joining the league of professional bloggers.

I started blogging and my blogging journey is the never-ending experience of learning. Every day, I learn something new and I like it very much! I never thought about it. And if you are ready to learn something new, then blogging and internet marketing is your thing.

How to Become a Professional Blogger
How to Become a Professional Blogger

My blogging history was in the form of an average blogger with blogspot blog, which later went into Word and is now successful in implementing and customizing new ideas. When we are in part-time blogging, it really looks really simple, but when we look at blogging as our career choice, some things change. Before this, I will tell you more about your decision to take blogging as a full-time career, I believe you should know me a little bit:

Honestly, it was a difficult decision for me to leave my current career path to start a new career in the field of blogging. It’s been just 6 months, I started blogging as a part-time activity, however, for 12 months I was struggling to show my blog and my online presence.

Eventually, I left my work because I had so many opportunities for me in the field of blogging. I would say that there is more opportunity for anyone who is in blogging, making endless money online. The only search for success is regularity, dedication and positive attitude.

Blogging is not an easy experience as you are looking at, managing SEO, writing, hosting, and promotions in running a retaining blog. When I started blogging, it was a technology blog, but later I tune into blogging and webmaster blog. The whole idea was to share my experiences and things that I have learned over time. Gradually, other bloggers started liking what I shared, and he gave me enough boost and confidence to decide on making the biggest change in my life.

It took me about six months to make the decision, if I should keep blogging as a full-time career or it should be part-time career. All the people who have consulted me have all the opinions.

In some way, these words help me to make sure about what I wanted and in the end I decided to become one of the professional bloggers.

Is My Blog Full Time or Not?

As long as I do not see my progress, I will not comment on it. My only goal is to provide quality articles and quality material so that I can maintain the trust that I have created in these few months, especially now, when blogging is the only source of my bread and butter, I make any mistakes.

So I will make sure that every article I will write, every research I will give you will be based on research.

I am always open to responses and suggestions. Apart from this, I will continue to share my experience and resources, from where I am making money so that other people who think about blogging can take an example.

Some of My blogs are:

So What Am I Going To Blog For Just Money?

I started blogging due to my interest and passion when I started blogging, I did not even realize that you can make money from blogs. Making money online was a myth to me, but later I came to know that online business is a gold mine for this era. Blogging is a small part of it, many strings are attached with blogging and I am going to highlight it. Specifically, affiliate marketing and search engine optimization are the areas of my interest to some extent.

Talking about, if I’m just going to blog for money, my answer: no. I blog because I love it, money will be a driving factor because it is the only source of income for me. Currently, I do not have to work harder as the current traffic and my affiliate strategy makes me enough money to survive.

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