Google Adsense Introduce Interest Based Advertisement

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Google Adsense Introduce Interest Based Advertisement

It seems that Google AdSense is ready to be the largest advertising company and dominates the internet world with the new feature that appears every day.

Features such as AdSense for new mobile and AdSense for parked domains are one of such features. Then start new font injection and now we have interest based ads.

Google Adsense Introduce Interest Based Advertisement
Google Adsense Introduce Interest Based Advertisement

Google is placed in a more prominent place than relevant ad advertising, and then the ad is relevant to the post.

Let’s say that you write a post on the hotel and on the journey, as well as you receive advertisements from some tour and travel company, such advertisers will attract visitors due to their interest.

The Google AdSense Team Now New Interest Based Advertising is Available for Some AdSense Publishers (Beta Steps) By the end of 2009, the Google AdSense Team will present this new feature for everyone.

To read about how interest-based advertising will work, you can see this page from the Google team.

To know more abput you would also like to see here:

Google Support Page for Interest Based Advertising

We have also activated interest based advertising and with a week we can see the difference, if it works for us, then we will update you about it.

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