Going for Bloggers Meet? Check Out These Tips to Make it a Success

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Going for Bloggers Meet? Check Out These Tips to Make it a Success

If you are a blogger and if you are from cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad etc. then getting the blogger is the best thing to know about blogging and meeting successful bloggers.

If you are wondering how you can succeed your next blogger, do not limit yourself to distribute your business card and collect cards from other people.

Bloggers Meet
Bloggers Meet

Many bloggers work in the same way. They think that if they can exchange the maximum number of cards, then this event will be successful. But if you want to make this program a success, it would be better to create a real relationship with some bloggers rather than exchanging cards with many people.

No business cares about the card So neither you nor the other bloggers are going to use the business card. If you connect them individually, your card will have more effect and they will definitely see your blog and social media profile.

Here are some tips for your next bloggers to succeed:

Do not forget to carry your business card

Your business card is one of your most important tools in any such event. If you do not have your business card yet, it would be nice to receive them now. Pay attention to your design and contact details. You can add details such as your blog name, social profile and the services you provide.

You will meet many different types of bloggers there and many of them may need your services in the future. For girls, keeping your cards for your handbags and boys is a good idea, you can use the card holder.

Meet all types of bloggers

If you think meeting other bloggers who do not write in your niche, then time is wasted, you are wrong. You can be a technical blogger and you can meet other bloggers who write about fashion, health or politics but you can learn many things from them, because the general interest of all bloggers is the same.

You can discuss your blogging journey, the way they promote their blogs and how they monetize it. You will learn at least one new thing from every blogger you will find.

Start chatting with bloggers

This is a sad part of the bloggers that people wait for others to start a conversion. They do not open the doors of opportunities that they can get if otherwise they have missed the initiative.

Start talking to people by presenting yourself and then ask them for their introduction. Start a formal discussion before speaking professionally. Become a good listener while talking.

You can ask for a card exchange between the conversations. If there is any additional details needed to make the note, then you can use it for the card behind.

Do not judge bloggers with blog rank or income

If you meet a blogger whose blog rank and income are poor then do not try to reduce it. I have learned many great lessons only from the lives of my people. Sometimes you can get a good idea from people who can change your life.

So be polite to meet such bloggers and respect their words. If you are making unsuccessful bloggers good income, suggest them and motivate them.

Discuss important points

If you really want to be a successful blogger, then you can get as many bloggers as you can in this program. Try to impress them with your thoughts and ideas and give them some time to open with you. Then ask about the tips and ideas that can be useful in your blogging career.

Some important things you can discuss-

  • What topic do they blog about and what is their favorite blog theme?
  • Is his favorite blog subject different then his blog subject and if so why?
  • How often do they update their blog and what is the source of their content?
  • How much traffic are they getting and how much money they are making?
  • How are they promoting their blog? If search engines are the main traffic source, then how do they do seo?
  • What are income sources – Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Consulting, Services, Selling Products or ..?
  • Is this his full time career or is it part-time?
  • If they work team or individually?
  • Do they work from home or office?
  • What are their future plans with blogging and what are they doing to take it to the next level?
  • What best strategies are they using for their blog?
  • What tips and tricks do they use to increase their income, and which tips were most successful?
  • What is the main USP of their blog?
  • What was the most successful tip and what was the worst idea that he used for his blog?

And many questions arising during the conversation can arise.

Prepare a list of similar questions that will give you different views from different bloggers. In this way, you can get many successful tips to apply to your blog.

After the meeting is over

Do not be in a hurry to go home, after meeting. Make a formal purchase for all those found during the meeting.

Then the next day, those bloggers

I recognize you To make your connection stronger, check your best and relevant articles and link in your next post. Ask them to write a guest post on your site. Regularly contact them via email and phone. You can also arrange a party for some selected bloggers and take your blogging relationship one step further. So these are some suggestions that you can use during the next bloggers meet. Do you attend bloggers or participate in a similar event? If so, how do you make it successful? Share your thoughts !! Filed under: Blogging Tags: blog niche, bloggers, meet bloggers, business card, income, income source


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