How to Get More RSS Feeds Subscribers for Your Blog?

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How to Get More RSS Feeds Subscribers for Your Blog?

We all know, the importance of blog customers is to travel once. Blog customers help you to keep returning visits, and as long as your RSS customer count is increasing, your blog traffic will increase.

RSS Feed Subscribers
RSS Feed Subscribers

Now, I do not advise you to stick to the FeedBurner just to get more customers, I am infected that I should have a membership option for bloggers. I use Aweber, Feedburner, and Jetpack email client as the main option for subscribing to blog updates.

When you update any post, RSS is the best way to inform your reader. The high number of RSS subscribers means that you will get more clicks when you update a post. If you are new to RSS, then I recommend you to read and learn: What is RSS?


Tips to Raise RSS Subscribers:

RSS Subscription Placement:

The appointment of the RSS membership icon is very important, the user can descend on any page of your blog, so make sure that the RSS icon is attractive and the user is easily visible.

Placement of the RSS client icon is very important.

The best placement option is at the top of the page.

The sidebar of the page is the most common choice and most suitable.

Another good placement idea is keeping the RSS subscription option at the end of the post.

Blog Description:

There should be something about the blog in the title bar, because the concerned user will know what it is, and then they can subscribe to your RSS feed.

Some small and intelligent words will be attractive and attract the target audience.

Email subscription form:

E-mail membership is still one of the most widely used membership methods used by most users.

So a membership box (not only the link) is a better idea.

A clear membership box is highly recommended in the right sidebar or in the way to increase your membership count at the top of the page.

Instead of tampering your sidebar with many social widgets. Placing a major RSS membership box with an icon will help your users easily subscribe to your RSS feed.

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