How to get Adsense Account Approved for Blogspot with Little Trick?

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How to get Adsense Account Approved for Blogspot with Little Trick?

We all know that Adsense contextual ads are best paying Ad program for Bloggers.

Blogger-Blogspot Logo

Blogger-Blogspot Logo

Google adsense have some strict account approval policies and one of them is blog should be 6 months old. Though, it’s not always true and if you have created a quality Website, you can get an approved adsense account easily.

Google Adsense-Make Money with Google Adsense

Google Adsense-Make Money with Google Adsense

What is the Easiet Way to Get Adsense Account?

The easiest way to get adsense account for a BlogSpot blog- First of all you hve to take a custom domain and create a pofessional Email address and apply for adsense account. This is the easiet way which works most of cases. But main thing is that here you will have to pay some money for customs domain and hosting.

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How to get Adsense Account if You Have No Money For Domain?

This is main problem with new bloggers that they have no money in starting to start blog with custom domain. So, if you don’t have money to spend on a domain, then you may use is a free trick which will get you an adsense account approval with domain. I will tell you a simple trick which you can use to get your adsense account approved for blogspot domain quickly.

There are some conditions for Google Adsense Account –

  1. There should be 5 to 10 posts on your blog, then it’s easy to get your adsense account approved.

  2. But if you have personal domain and host, thenchances of adsense approval is more high.

How to Get Adsense Account Approval using Co.Cc Domain?

There are many web services which provide you free domain names and that will be very handy for you to get your Google adsense account approved easily. You can use domain for Adsense Approval.

Co Domain

Co Domain

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Here I’m sharing my step by step guide for budding bloggers to get adsense account:

  1. First of all you have to register yourself by going to domain registration page.

  2. Select your free domain name, you may choose same domain name which you have on blogSpot. Whenever you plan to migrate to WordPress, make sure you buy the domain name with your current BlogSpot or domain name.

  3. Activate your account and login to your account and click on Set up>> manage domain.

  4. Select Zone record and in thehost column enter your domain name :

  5. Now select CNAME for Type and on the value field.

  6. By now you have done setting up your domain and it’s time now to set up your blogspot blog for the same.

How to Redirect Your Blogspot Blog to Custom Domain?

If yo uwant to redirect your blogspot blog to custom domain then you have to follow the following steps –

  • First you have Login to your blogspot account, under settings>publishing,

  • You have to select Switch to custom domain.

  • Now enter your domain name in the field and click on save.

  • It will take one to two days to take settings in effect.

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As soon as your blog is redirected domain, you may apply for adsense again. Some time Google adsense reject the application, the key word is resubmit your application.