Your-freedom Alternatives : UltraSurf, Tor & FreeGate

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Your-freedom Alternatives : UltraSurf, Tor & FreeGate

Since January 2009 FreeGate is not more free for users outside China, and this is a big set because freegate is the best unblock proxy software.

Although I have used almost every firewall unblocking software and after the freegate, I recommend the best as ultra-surf for a simple reason, it is fast, small and trustworthy. Sometimes this is your best alternative to freedom.

UltraSurf-Your-freedom Alternatives
UltraSurf-Your-freedom Alternatives

Another great option would be Your-Freedom. An easy reason to use Your-Freedom is that wherever your excessive surd does not work, Your-Freedom comes in the form of rescue.

The downside of Your-Freedom is that it is not as fast as freegate and ultrasurf and it has a speed of up to 8 Kb / s, but still it is sufficient for regular surfing and it will allow you to download torrent at blocked domains and unblock the firewall.

Which blocks the torrents.

The second option will be JAP.

Although I used JAP and I found it easy as ultra-surf and Your-Freedom, I have never written about it but Opera Tor is another option which helps you to surf anonymously.

Tell us if you know more free option and Your-Freedom options proxy?

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