Why is Fiverr’s Best Online Job for Indians?

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Why is Fiverr’s Best Online Job for Indians?

Everyone who uses the internet knows what a fiverr is and how it works. But there is no person who has no information about Fiverr how it works and how Fiverr works from the work.

Fiverr-Best Online Job
Fiverr-Best Online Job

Here I will tell you what is Fiverr and how does it work? I will also tell you why Fiverr can be the best online job for Indians?

So what exactly is this Fiverr, and how can an Indian make decent money or full-time careers from this online job?

First of all, I want to cover the answer first, what is the fitter?

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a website that provides a place where people can sell their services for $ 5. Although there is a scope of more than $ 5, Fiver’s initial concept was selling everything for only $ 5.

With the help of Fiverr, many people are likely to buy good services in low budget. There are two situations –

  1. People who have good skills but can not reach potential buyers
  2. People with low budget can not afford good service on the Internet.

These two conditions are resolved by fever. Fever broke the gap between these buyers and sellers.

What are the services?

You will find that there are different categories and listings of many vendors who are selling different types of services at www.Fiverr.com website. Some services are as follows:

  1. Creating a logo,
  2. Creating a banner,
  3. Create headers for the website,
  4. Write an article for someone,
  5. Create a video testimonial for a company,
  6. Singing a birthday song,
  7. Working as a virtual assistant,
  8. Do some research for someone,
  9. Send some tips,
  10. Solve some problems,
  11. Promote a website and hundreds of services.

The main thing is that everything can be sold or bought for only $ 5.

Why can this be the best online job for Indians?

I want to tell you that people of any country can join Fiverr. But it has been observed that few countries such as the United States, Britain, India, Canada, Pakistan etc. are more active on Fiverr.

Here I will tell you with an example how much Indian can earn from this website.


Suppose, you have made a list on Fiverr to write 500 words articles. Therefore, if the person receives an order, then he will earn $ 5 to write and send 500 words articles to the buyer, you mean $ 5.

For a person related to the United States, $ 5 is not a huge amount, so if he wants to make more money then he needs more orders and more hours.


Rs. 320 ($ 5) is a good amount, even if you complete 2-4 orders in 8 hours, this is a good amount for you.

If you complete 4 orders per day, then it means = Rs. 320×4 = 1280 per day

Monthly Income Rs. 30×1280 = Rs. 38400 / – per month

Is it so easy?

You should know everything about that thing so that it is very easy for you. After some continued practice, you find it very easy. So if you want to make money from Fiverr, you may find it hard to learn at the beginning but when you make constant efforts, you will learn everything about how Fiverr works, it will be much easier to earn more .

What qualifications or experience do you need?

You do not need any qualifications or experience to work on Fiverr. You only need some skills that can be useful to anyone. However, this is not exactly related to your experience. You have to go to www.fiverr.com and find services and do all the work.

How to remove your income?

There are two ways to get your income back,

  1. Through PayPal or
  2. Direct bank transfer.

However, if you prefer bank transfer, you must add your bank details. PayPal transfers your money into your bank account within 24 hours of receiving your PayPal account.

So do not wait? If you are looking for online jobs to make some extra cash then Fiverr can really help you.

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