What are the Emoticons for Internet Users?

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What are the Emoticons for Internet Users?

Because it is difficult to express emotion, intention, or voice through text alone, beginners internet users have invented emoticons (a combination of the words and symbols of words).

What are Emoticons?

The emoticon keyboard is a sequence of characters that symbolizes facial expressions.

For example – looks like a smiling face when you see it sideways below are some examples of emoticons.

Meaning of emoticons

🙂 or 🙂 are smiling, happy, or joking

🙁 or 🙁 Frying or unhappy

Winking 😉

: – | Indifferent or rival

: -o Surprised or Concerned

: -x is not saying anything

: -p Pasting your tongue (usually in fun)

😀 laughs

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