DomainsBot: Get Suggestions for Domain Names

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DomainsBot: Get Suggestions for Domain Names

Domain business has been there since the start of the domain name. Many people buy keywords rich domains and resale it later at a higher price. If you do not believe this, see the most expensive domain names.

DomainsBot-Domain Name Business
DomainsBot-Domain Name Business

We are going to learn about a site call DomainsBot that helps people like you and me get suggestions for domain names. Specifically, when we are not sure what may be the best domain name for our next project, it is very easy.

However finding a domain name is difficult. The best domain name is always one that contains keywords related to your niche. Although for a long period you can also go for non keyword based domain names. More like branded domain names.

Yesterday, I was talking to my friends on Twitter and one of them told me that he was starting a site and going to buy a domain name.

This is going to be a tech blog and it is using its first name as a domain name. One thing that I always suggest, does not use your name in your domain any time until it is a personal blog. For any professional blog, going for common names is always a good idea. A name that everyone can connect.

Domainsbot not only suggests domain names, but also checks the availability of domain names on different domain services. Like I searched for the keyword “ExpensiveDomains” and here is my suggested domain name result:


You can see the result. So use your imagination and buy the best domain name. Also, it finds a domain name related to SEDO or Godaddy, which is ready for sale, and you can make an offer right there.

This is a feature that makes the name suggestion tool stand out from other domain name suggestion tools. Link: Domainsbot tell us whether you have used a domainsbot or any other tool that suggests and checks the availability of domain names.

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