Do You Know the Per Second Earnings of Top Companies?

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Do You Know the Per Second Earnings of Top Companies?

We all know the earnings of some top MNCs in the world. We know how much they earn each year and what their gross profit is. Not only annually but also we know the revenues and profits generated every month.

Samsung-Per Second Earnings of Top Companies
Samsung-Per Second Earnings of Top Companies

However, have you ever wondered how much they earn every second? Yes, earning every second.

You will be surprised to know that these companies are so big and in every country their operations are in the whole world.

In this article, we tried to list only the technical-based company. In some other articles, we will talk about companies in other areas but in this article we only stick to technical-based companies.

So here is the list of top 10 technical companies based on their earnings per second.

  1. Samsung

  • Per Second Benefit: $ 1631 = 1,01,122 / – every second
  • Revenue Per Second: $ 12,270
  • Popular brands and products: Apparel, Chemicals, Consumer Electronics, Electronic Components, Medical Equipment, Precision Equipment, Semiconductors, Ship, Telecommunication Equipment. Brand like the Galaxy series.
  • Origin of the company: South Korea
  • Website:
  1. Apple

  • One per second profit: $ 2114 = every second 1,31,068 rupees, which is higher than Samsung
  • Revenue per second: $ 9 755, revenue is less than Samsung
  • Popular brands and products: software like Mac, iPad, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, Macintosh etc.
  • Origin of the company: USA, the legendary Steve Jobs is the founder of Apple
  • Website:
  1. HP

  • Per Second Profit: $ 292 = 18,104 Third largest company
  • Revenue Per Second: $ 6410
  • Popular brands and products: printers, cameras, laptops, computers, software, pocket computers, mobile phones, notebooks, workstations, servers etc.
  • Origin of the company: USA, Hewlett Packet and established by pair.
  • Website:
  1. Microsoft

  • Per Second Benefit: $ 1248 = 77376 / -, profit is higher than HP, but gross revenue is low, so we are in fourth position.
  • Revenue Per Second: $ 4443
  • Popular brands and products: Windows, Office, Mobility, Azure, Xbox, Surface, Bing, Skype and many more.
  • Origin of the company: USA, founded by legendary Bill Gates.
  • Website:
  1. Amazon Inc.

  • Per second profit: $ 43 = 2666 / -, profit is much less than revenue.
  • Revenue Per Second: $ 4250
  • Popular brands and products: AppStore, Book Depository, Game Studios, Instant Video, Instant Video UK, Instant Video German, Kindle, Lab 126, Studios, Woot, Shopbop
  • Origin of the company: USA, established by Jeff Bezos
  • Website:
  1. Sony

  • Per second profit: $ 58 = 3596 / -, profit is higher than
  • Revenue Per Second: $ 3799
  • Popular brands and products: consumer electronics, semiconductors, video games, media / entertainment, computer hardware, telecommunication equipment
  • Origin of the company: Japanese MNC
  • Website:
  1. Google

  • Per second profit: $ 697 = 43,214 / -, profit is higher than Sony and Amazon but Google is ranked 7th due to revenue
  • Revenue Per Second: $ 3415
  • Popular brands and products: search engines, AdWords, ad platforms, productivity tools, enterprise products, other products
  • Origin of the company: USA, established by Larry Page and Sergey Bin
  • Website:
  1. eBay Inc.

  • Per Second Benefit: $ 163 = 10,106 / -, eBay is like Amazon, but its profit is higher than Amazon but revenue is low.
  • Revenue Per Second: $ 916
  • Popular brands and products: eBay Classifieds, Electronic Commerce, Gumtree, KGG, Online Auction Hosting, PayPal, iibazar
  • Origin of the company: established by USA based company Pierre Omidiyar
  • Website:
  1. Facebook

  • Per Second Profit: $ 86 = 5332 / -, surprisingly more than Amazon and even Sony. Facebook is more popular and profitable than its equivalent social media platform Twitter
  • Revenue Per Second: $ 449
  • Popular brands and products: Web 2.0 social media platform, advertising platform
  • Origin of the company: USA, established at the age of 20 (at that time in 2004) by Mark Zuckerberg
  • Website:
  1. Yahoo

  • Per Second Profit: $ 27 = 1674 / -, Yahoo is a search engine like Google, but Google’s overall revenue and profit is more than Yahoo, even if Google was later created from Yahoo.
  • Revenue Per Second: $ 267
  • Popular brands and products: Yahoo Advertising, Yahoo Answers, Yahoo Axis, Yahoo Groups, Movies, Chat etc.
  • Origin of the company: Google came into existence before being established by Jerry Yang and David Philo in USA, 1994.
  • Website:

So these were the top 10 technical global companies which are earning profit and revenue every second. You can go to my other blog top companies in India where I write about the review and important details of top Indian

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