How to Comment to Get More Traffic On Blog?

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How to Comment to Get More Traffic On Blog?

‘Blogosphere’ is a very close weaving community of bloggers. By commenting on the blog you can actually come close to fellow bloggers.

Although the comment is healthy, if not done efficiently, it can cause negative effects. They can be aggressive and upset too.

How to Comment on Blog
How to Comment on Blog

Try not to use abusive or cheap language when making a comment.

Always write original comments.

Do not copy and paste. While writing comments, you can follow some guidelines.

Be Honest

Honesty is the best policy.

Whenever you are commenting on a blog, then try to be honest about what you feel.

If you do not like a particular post, do not leave comments to generate back links on your website.

Before writing any comment, always read the full blog, you can really like what you wrote.

Do Not Write Short Comments

Small comments like “good post” or “very informative” like spam.

They are likely to be ignored.

Write a short post which is informative.

You can give detailed information on the subject of the blog or raise questions.

Write only when you have something to write.

Write Your Opinion

It is recommended that you really listen to your opinion about a blog.

To be conceivable and rational If you do not like a particular post then do not use a strong language.

If you do not agree with any particular idea, you can say this but you should also tell your reason for it.

Address Blogger by Name

This is a good sign to refer to a blogger by name in your comment.

It has been observed that bloggers pay more attention to comments with names.

Comments with names are always more respectable and they stand out from the rest of the comments.

Be Polite

Offensive language and strong words are not acceptable while commenting on other people’s blogs.

Never make a negative reputation for yourself, it is acceptable to disagree with the views of a person, but even while expressing your disagreement, you should be humble.

Always treat a fellow blogger in the same way as you want him to treat you.

Avoid Spamming

At all costs, do not post spam on other people’s blogs. Random links, irrelevant comments and URLs are not appreciated by the moderator in most cases.

Month Comment

There are some people who answer many posts in the same way on the same blog.

Avoid doing so how relevant your comments are.

It can be considered as link spamming, your comments can be removed.

Some people do this to promote the back links of their blogs.

Do Not Submit the Same Comment on Multiple Blogs

If you find more than one blog on the same topic, then avoid posting a single comment to all of them.

Chances are your comment will be removed.

Make sure your comments are completely relevant to the blog and are creative.

In most cases comments like “good post” are ignored.

Share Your Thoughts

Your comments should reflect your thoughts and beliefs.

They should express your opinion about a particular subject if you express your opinions, your post will be extremely valuable.

Just Enter Your URL in the URL Box

Always write your blog’s URL in the given URL box. It is difficult to paste the link of your website in the comment box.

Do Not Put Too Many Keywords in the Name Field

If you put your name or name of your company in the Name field then the moderator does not make any difference.

But some blog owners have objected if you fill the name field with a lot of keywords.

Always keep in mind that blogs are not a forum for sharing ideas and promoting websites.

Commenting on Networking

You can use the blog’s comment box on a continuous basis on a blog continuously.

This creates a healthy relationship between two fellow bloggers.

You can also invite guest guests to Blogger. This will add variety to your blog.

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