Why is Clickbank Not a Success in India?

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Why is Clickbank Not a Success in India?

Anyone who wants to make money online would have come across the ClickBank. If you do not know then I tell you that Clickbank is an affiliate network that gives you money in the commission.

If you sell products to online customers who are looking for this, many people in India come to this site to earn a lot of money in a short span of time. We call them affiliate marketers. Unfortunately their enthusiasm is less and all dreams end when they do not get success.

Click Bank-Affiliate Program
Click Bank-Affiliate Program

So why does this happen?

Why Affiliate Marketers Overestimated the Clickbank Affiliate Program?

In fact, if you are an affiliate marketer from India, you will actually find it hard to sell and make money. Therefore, we should try to analyze those factors, because due to them Clickbank has not been successful in a country like India.

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It is equally applicable to other Asian countries where clickbank is not so successful. This will really help you to improve your career in your affiliate marketing so that you can avoid failures. Therefore, let’s discuss them one by one.

E-Connectivity in India

The first and most important reason that clickbank is not successful in India is lacks e-connectivity. People in India who are connected to the internet are very few compared to countries like USA, Europe etc.

This really makes a difference if you have few people connected to the Internet, then definitely fewer people will know about your product running on the Internet.

If a person is joining more Internet everyday, the quantity does not matter here.

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There are 500 million Internet users in China, but this number is still very low in India. Actually, compared to the Internet, in China, the number of book readers is not just in the number of million, where there are some thousand.

Let’s hope that as India is growing, more and more people will be connected to the Internet and you can increase your chances of making money with Clickbank.

Buying Capacity –

In India, Clickbank’s affiliate marketers have the second impedance for purchasing power, yes! Indeed, the purchasing power of the people here is very low in India. In this country a large population can not really afford to buy things online.

They are not able to swipe their credit cards because they do not even have a bank account. Therefore, the purchasing power of people to earn money with Clickbank is really a big concern.

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If you know that USA’s per capita income is $ 48,000, affiliate marketers in that country can get a lot of customers who are willing to swipe their credit card for some great products and it continues to be the success of Clickbank is. As long as the purchasing power of the people increases in this country, then affiliate marketers have to wait till now.

However, good notes are improving in India.

Way of Life also adds to Clickbank success

The third most important factor to consider here is a way of life of people in India. It can tell you how Clickbank is connected to success, the way of life.

Because any affiliate marketer of Clickbank knows that you earn money by selling eBooks or software products. Basically these products can be downloaded immediately. Although still many people in India do not read Ebook. They visit their family members or friends for any help or advice.

It is a good thing in a sense that due to lack of reading capabilities, they are not attracted to online books. In fact, they do not know that many solutions to their problem can be solved by those products which are available on Clickbank.

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For your information, I tell you in China that a book is sold in millions, but sales in India is only the lowest seller when sales are only a few thousand. So you can identify the big difference.

Lack of Affiliate Marketers

The next factor which the affiliate marketers are not allowing to succeed in clickbank will be the lack of affiliate marketers, who can reach the desired audience or those who are desperate to solve their problems.

Only a few have the courage to promote clickbank products in India because they know that there is no one to buy products like eBooks and software programs in India. Many people who are online and want to buy e-books do not have enough knowledge about Clickbank.

Most affiliate marketers, who are making money through Clickbank, are from the United States or other English speaking countries. Affiliate marketers here in India only promote campaigns like membership for some dating sites.

They are not ready to sell strict products, which can earn them anything between $ 30 to $ 100 per sale. Therefore, in order to be successful in ClickBank in India, there will be a strong network of affiliates who can reach potential customers.

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Trust Deficit

The next factor to consider here is the lack of confidence among internet users in India. People do not believe that these transactions are genuine and they believe that anyone is stealing their money. This is the reason why some people want to buy the product, but they do not.

Although I think that there is a real reason behind this trend. It is actually a cyber crime that is responsible for the lack of confidence among affiliate marketers and their clients.

This is very small in the United States because thousands of people buy something online daily, so transparency is more than India. If customers show faith in online shopping then only it is expected that Clickbank affiliates can earn money here in India. Until then we can only hope for the best.

Time is Not Yet

After all, I believe there is little reason why the time has not yet come. I hope to come in the future, if India grows and its intermediate class spreads then we can reach more people on the Internet and buy things from websites like eBay, Amazon or even Clickbank.

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Yet, India has to go far in terms of e-commerce. In the future, we can hope that affiliate marketers in India can get a better deal.

That’s why the colleagues can wait for some time, in the meantime they will have to improve their writing skills because in the end you have to motivate your customer to buy things. As an affiliate marketer in India, American customers are very hard to sell a product. Therefore, you should learn the art of persuasion.


Finally in the end I will only know why Clickbank is not successful in India. The first reason is e-connectivity, people’s second purchasing power, living their lives on the third, fourth loss of affiliate marketers, lack of confidence among the fifth one consumer and the last time has not yet come. Before you decide to start your career as an affiliate marketer for Clickbank, you should consider the above mentioned factors.

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