How to Choose the Best Payment Gateway in India?

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How to Choose the Best Payment Gateway in India?

An important part that can bother you in your online business, is to choose a good payment gateway in India. Either you sell a single product through a fully-produced ecommerce website or sell hundreds of products, then you need a good payment gateway for the payment process of your customers.

If you are not from your target customer India, then you can take a deep breath because you can use PayPal, which takes only 10 minutes to apply the payment gateway to your website. First 1 minute for signup, next 5 minutes to edit your profile, add your bank details and other information and create a ‘buy now’ button in the next 4 minutes, get code and get it on your website on ‘Order Now’ page. Keep it. .

Within 10 minutes, if you pay out of India then you can start receiving payments through your website.

But, if your customers are from India, then this is a real pain. Although there are dozens of payment gateways in India, but to work on your website, it takes more than 10 minutes, no more than 10 o’clock, no more than 10 days.

In fact, this is very confusing and time consuming and this is the time when I decided to write this post. I will try to help you in my own way so that you can choose a payment gateway.

How to choose the best payment gateway in India

Apart from the cost factor, there are several points which are useful in choosing a good payment gateway in India. Just read them in the details given below so that you can know how to determine the one who meets your needs.


Unlike PayPal, all payment gateways in India come at a huge cost. You have to pay 3 types of cost, no matter what payment gateway you choose. First of all, you will have to pay a certain setup fee, then the software’s annual maintenance cost, and then charges 3% to 7% on each transaction.

Due to competition, many online businesses run on lower margins. How much will the gateway charge pay per transaction, how much profit will you get at the end of the month, so the initial setup cost and operating costs will make a difference in choosing your payment gateway in India.


Every minute count in online business you can lose many customers, if the payment gateway fails for 1 hour also. If there is a problem with your payment gateway, then there should be a dedicated technical person who can assist you in identifying and solving the problem. They will take more time to support you, your loss will be bigger.

One important thing is that you can check here that the city has a physical address in your city and how far it is from your place.

Payment options

You have to find out which are the largest payment methods used in India. Whether it is NetBanking, Debit Card or Credit Card If there is net banking then which bank and if credit card or debit card, card etc. If the payment gateway, if you want to go with, does not support any particular method, then you can decide how much business you can lose.

Ease of integration

How easy is it to integrate payment gateways into your website? For initial integration with your website, it’s easy to work with Payment Gateway. Whether it works with all CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc.

Check that if they have knowledge of any programming language in their company or by integrating their gateway, you have to make some major changes to your website.

Ease of use

One of the things, I hate, pay online through credit card on Indian sites. Very much effort is made to make payments through Indian Payment Gateway.

I see that one major problem is that the payment will be debited from your account but you will get a message of unsuccessful payments. Due to failure you will be afraid to pay again. IRCTC, bookmishaw, utility bill payment site, etc. are some of the best examples. So the success rate of the transaction can play a very important role in your business.

Then there is another big problem with 3D safe password. Most people do not remember their 3D safe passwords. To make the transaction successful, they have to create a new one. Many people lose interest in this phase.

So make your visitors happy by giving them a simple and easy payment gateway with a high success rate.

Chargeback Policy

How your payment processing company handles and supports for the chargeback. What if the product has been delivered but you have received a chargeback. Your payment gateway will have to provide good support in your favor to fight the chargeback.


Occasionally, whether people buy or view your payment gateway. Which is the most reliable payment gateway company? How do your customers feel about payment gateways? What is their confidence level?

Other features

Apart from these, what other facilities are offering, your payment gateway is providing.

Some of them are similar –

  • If they support all types of mobile payments
  • It provides easy reporting of your account.
  • If it is extremely safe
  • This recurring payment automatically handles
  • It provides Integer account with different permission level
  • And many others who need your business.

I hope you have some understanding about choosing a good payment gateway for your online business. Although many people prefer to go with either CC Avenue or EBS, there are many other good options depending on your own criteria.

Do your own research before coming to the final conclusion, because changing the payment gateway is more difficult than the first time.

Tip – You can also consider cash on delivery options (COD) because it is the biggest method used on the internet to buy internet. They feel very safe with such payments.

Write your opinion and share your experience so that others can get benefits to choose a payment gateway.

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