Can Indians May Choose Blogging as Full Time Career

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There are many students and graduates in India who are visit the internet and want to know about the Jobs. Mainly, the students are search for government job that are pre-planned from 9 Am to 5 Pm. This is great job for Indians because when they start to go on their job, theirs fixed salary will start to come in their bank account monthly.

Are you think anytime that there is an another job available on the Internet which may give you huge money while you working from your home?

Are you listen about blogging? Blogging is the online diary by which you can teach or tell something special to the readers of your website. However the blog is also same as website but the main difference between blog and website is that in Blogging you should write daily or weekly something while in website you no need to write daily or weekly.

You may choose blogging as a Career but there is something we should keep in mind at the time of choosing the blogging as a professional career.

  1. 1.      Blogging is Not Most Popular in India – This is very important thing that now the blogging is not most popular in India. Many persons are not known about blogging. They are not know that how to choose the blogging as a professional career. When the Blogging will be known by the Indian then many people may choose this as a professional career.


  1. 2.      You have Take Some Risk of Career – However it is right that you will have to take some risk while you choose blogging as a professional career. Risk is that you have to consistent and you have to gain your knowledge about your topic so that you can tell anything about your blog topic and if you feel boring in writing some interesting articles then it is the end of your blogging. This is not a 9 to 5 job.



  1. 3.      Be Aware about Blogging – Blogging is not a game that you will easily play the game and there more chances of winning. Here you have to know more about blogging. You should be aware about blogging. You have to know some techniques and blogging tips and tools so that you may able to blog smartly and you may choose it as a professional career.


  1. 4.      Passionate about Blogging – You have to passionate about your blog topic. You have to keep in mind some main features of the blog. You should choose a topic to your blog so that more people may read your blog and you may get more traffic to your blog. Everything is depend on the traffic, your bog will get. You should not choose the topic in which you are not well and you will not feel well.



  1. 5.      How Much Need of Time and Money – The main thing about blogging is that it takes some more time to start money from your blog. It takes much more time. You should spend about one year of time on your blog without any earning from your blog. However there is no need to spend more money on your blog, but definitely you will have to spend more time before choosing blogging as a professional Career.


  1. 6.      How Much Earn From Blogging – This is great question and mostly asked question. Everyone want to know that how much earn from blogging. If you write quality contents on your blog and if you have used some important traffic generating tools then after a one year you will be able to earn huge money from your blog. You may earn from your blog about lakhs of rupees monthly. You may earn huge and huge money as your blog will old and if your contents are good to read then you may attract more readers to your blog and then you may success to earn huge and huge money.



  1. 7.      Know About Successful Indian bloggers – Are you know that there are some Indian bloggers are making huge money from their blogging. You should know about those bloggers and you will inspire from those bloggers then you will see that how they have got success. Some of them are – Amit Agrawal, Harsh Agrawal, Amit Bhawani and many more. The Successful blogs are –
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    2. 2.
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    4. 4.



  1. 8.      What is the Future of the Blogging – Now it is time to discuss about the future of the blog. Future of the blog is very bright for Indians. Since at present, there are no more awareness about this, when the Indian people will aware about blogging, they will definitely choose the blogging as a professional career.

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