Best Paying Freelancing Online Jobs

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Best Paying Freelancing Online Jobs

The volatile economy is forcing professionals to look for options other than their regular jobs. Freelancing is a suitable since it offers people an opportunity to sharpen their skills, or pursue a hobby that pays them well. The trend of freelancing is increasing throughout the world. The self-starting nature of the work and the ability to have a greater ownership over your career rather than working on someone else’s terms are other lucrative advantages that attract professionals towards freelancing.

With the traditional thinking of regular job being secure busted, people are looking at freelancing as a suitable alternative or backup plan just in case they are left without the cushion of their well paying job.

The best paying freelancing careers for you

  1. Freelance Writing
  2. Social Media Handler
  3. Freelnace Marketing Career
  4. Web Development and Designing
Freelance Job-Make Money as Freelance
Freelance Job-Make Money as Freelance

Freelance Writing –

Freelance writers provide businesses with fresh and relevant content without the pain of hiring an additional resource. These professionals are responsible for creating articles, blogs, case studies, market research on various topics. Some, who have better grasp at language check for grammar and spelling to ensure a perfect final draft. Online writers get paid around $25 to $30 an hour. For any company, finding, hiring and maintaining the resources for creating and updating a stream of high quality content can pose serious financial and strategic challenge.

Social Media Handler –

Since social media is all about web, these are another important subcategory of online jobs. The advent of social media has brought a lot of new jobs on the fore which didn’t exist prior to social media age. There are many responsibilities like social media coordinator, community managers, and social media experts. You should be a master of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest, the four major social networks.

You will be responsible for managing and updating all social media platforms, creating and implementing online, social and mobile strategies. As a freelance social media handler you will earn anything between $20 and $30 per hour.

Freelnace Marketing Career

Online marketing is the biggest part of freelance marketing career. There are various roles that you can perform in marketing as a part time job. For businesses to perform effective online marketing and advertising, they must take the service of a wide variety of talent ranging from search engine optimizers, to content marketers and affiliate marketers amongst others. From being a marketing coordinator to a marketing manager you can help customers to create strategies for brand, researching and critiquing insights and managing client relationships. As a freelance marketing professional you would earn anything between $40 and $50 per hour.

Email marketing and Google AdWords are just few of the few tasks freelance marketers can perform for clients.

Web Development and Designing

As business owners keep realizing the importance of a great website, web development will continue being one of the most popular tasks to outsource to freelancers. With increasing internet penetration and smartphone usage, the entrepreneurs need someone who can lend their business an online identity and web developers are precisely needed for this job.

Junior developer, Web Application Developer or Web Designer are some of the job functions that freelancer assume on this career. Website development is in huge demand all across the globe.

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