Best 10 Jobs for Lazy People

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Best 10 Jobs for Lazy People

You need to choose any one of them. All the jobs are very easy and it does not require any hard work however you still get to make money. However I must caution you that these jobs are not serious undertaking, you can work on ad hoc basis and then move on.

Jobs for Lazy People
Jobs for Lazy People

We have listed 10 jobs that a laziest guy on this planet can do.

Best 10 Jobs for Lazy People –

1.     Movie or TV Serial Extras

  1. Beer or Chocolate Taster
  2. Librarian
  3. Acting or Modeling
  4. Radio Jockey
  5. Sperm or Egg Donor
  6. Video Game Tester
  7. Celebrity Blogger
  8. Baby Sitter
  9. Freelancing Jobs

Movie or TV Serial Extras

Every big budget or small budget movie needs extra and you can be one of them. Have you ever noticed people standing in crowds in a movie or TV serials. Or did you ever notice who fill in the audience in a reality show. Well they all are called Movie or TV serial extras. You get paid some of amount of money, not huge but little. However, you can still make money just for doing nothing.

 Beer or Chocolate Taster

Beer or Chocolate companies need tasters who can taste their products before they launch it in market. You get paid for drinking and eating.You could sit back and drink bottles of beer whole day doing nothing. Similarly, you can eat chocolate as much as you like. However, beer or chocolate taster jobs are very few in numbers.


You have to sit on a table and take care of all the books in the library. Being a librarian is perhaps the easiest job. You also keep an eye who is taking what books and they are returning it on time or not. You could be a librarian in your school, college or community. The job is very easy and you get paid for doing nothing.


You get paid good amount of money just for rendering few dialogs on screen. Your role would be for just two minutes and you make some money. Laziest people could opt for modelling or acting career. You can find small roles in films and TV Soaps. You could be a model if your physique is good. You can make good amount of money without having a great talent.

Radio Jockey

You need to talk at a length without taking a break. The money that you earn is really great. Radio Jockey is great job that suits a lazy guy. However, you have to be very talented. You got to have great talking skills.

Sperm or Egg Donor

You can donate sperm and earn some money. The money that you get paid are based on the basis of quality of sperm you give. If it is of higher quality then you getting paid a higher amount otherwise it is less. Female can also donate eggs and earn some money. You could also donate blood and make some money. Both men and women have an opportunity to make money without putting any effort.

Video Game Tester

Video gaming companies want people to test their new gaming software. Video game tester is another job for lazy people. They want people like you and you get paid if you play games for hours. After playing games you have to give feedback like how the game was.

Celebrity Blogger

If you follow celebrities like pop singers, musicians and film stars then you may start a blog about them. If you write some good content about them then you get thousands of visitors daily. You could make money by running ads on your blog.

Baby Sitter

You have to take care of baby whose parents are out. If you do not like babysitting then it could be difficult for you. So this job is not for everyone especially men. If you are a woman then babysitting could be easiest jobs for you.

Freelancer Jobs

You can find different kind of jobs that you can do. Like taking up surveys, being paid to click on ads, reading emails etc. Internet has made our life a lot easier. You have to find one and stick to it. You make money easily without putting any effort.

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