How to Backup Blogspot Blog?

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How to Backup Blogspot Blog?

What is Blogspot?

BlogSpot is one of the top free blogging platforms powered by Google.

How to Backup Blogspot Blog?
How to Backup Blogspot Blog?


Blogspot boundaries-

There are many limitations to using BlogSpot. There are some limitations-

  1. Google is the owner of your blog’s control.
  2. Google reserves the right to remove your blog at any time.

This usually happens when you are using your blog for spamming or any other activity that violates the BlogSpot TOS. So if you want to be safe, then you have been suggested that you visit your own hosted WordPress blog.

What is the solution?

Solving the above problem is taking a periodic backup of your BlogSpot blog. This will ensure that if something goes wrong in your blog in the future, you can easily and always restore your data and posts.

How to Backup BlogSpot Blog?

As we know it is an important feature of blogspot which is known as the export feature through which you can easily upload blogspot’s post, complete the comments. This export feature of BlogSpot Blog is very important and very useful for bloggers.

The format of the backup will be the .xml format, and you can store it on your local desktop. It depends on you when you take a backup like weekly, monthly or yearly.

Steps to back up your blog-

  1. Click on the settings of your blog first.
  2. Click on Other
  3. Here you will see – Blog Tools There are three blog tools such as import blogs, export blur and blasting blogs
  4. Here you have to click on Export blog
  5. Now you see a window. There are two options-one is close and another is download
  6. You have to click the download button
  7. Your blog has been downloaded in .xml format

The main benefit of backing up-

With this help of backup you can solve two big problems-

  1. If your blog gets deleted, you will have a full backup of your subject.
  2. If ever, when you have done something wrong with playing with the template code, you can quickly restore the template from your backup files.

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