How Artists Make Money with Artistic Touch?

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How Artists Make Money with Artistic Touch?

If you are an artist then you can also make money for the internet. Since Internet is the best place to sell art works. You can sell your art in large quantities. You can create video montage. There are some other types of work such as you can make photo mosaics or you can edit photos for others.

Artistic Touch
Artistic Touch

There are a few ways to make money for the artist –

  1. Create Video Montage
  2. Create photo mosaics
  3. Edit photos for others

Make video montage – Do people email you a heap of photos and get married, anniversary, reunion, funeral, e.t.c. To put a good DVD for music. Muay provides the easiest way to make a wedding video. Use our movie making software + video editing program to create a wedding video montage. You can add these and other effects with the layering functions and transparency effects of your editing software to create a stunning assembly of images, videos.

Make photo mosaics – endrumusike, a photographic mosaic software. With this freeware program you can create your own photographic mosaic with your own photos! You know the nifty pictures that are made up of 500 small pictures. Do customers send you digital images they want to use and you can automatically create them with software such as Andrea Mosaic.

 Easy 3-Step Process

Step 1: Choose Big Picture. The big picture is the perfect picture of your photo mosaic from far away. Choose a simple one for the best results. …

Step 2: Add small photos. Small pictures are pictures inside your photo mosaic. …

Step 3: Customize and Save. You can customize the coloring and tile size.

Edit photos for others – Store your photo collections in amazing photo collages and video slideshows. Editing and cropping ability, to adjust your photo size and ratio to make them the right pictures; Share Social You can restore old pictures, or give an artistic touch, good frame etc. to the existing ones.

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