Amazon Mechanical Turks – MTK Tips and Tricks

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Amazon Mechanical Turks – MTK Tips and Tricks

Check out some cool MTT tips and tricks that will help you earn more in the Amazon Mechanical Turk. If you are a newbie or experienced person, then I’m sure these are mturk tips.

Amazon Mechanical Turks - A Best Part Time Option
Amazon Mechanical Turks – A Best Part Time Option

You are going to help a lot. So just take a look at some of the tips below-

First of all you have to take the ‘Eligibility Test’ from the qualification tab at the top in your MTIC account. After clearing the merit test, you will become eligible for more HIT.

Start with the easiest HIT in Mturk and accept only those tasks that you think will get 100% approval. Generally, HITs with very little reward are the easiest. Or you can do some work where you can verify for 100% accuracy such as following someone on Twitter, Facebook or Google+, like Facebook page, bookmarking a site, getting contact details from the given website etc. . That’s because you need to increase your HIT approval rate. Many requesters only provide jobs to those workers with high approval rates. Some ask for more than 90%, or more than 95% ask. If your HIT approval rate is low, then you will not be able to do many tasks.

When you are searching HIT through the Search button, make sure that ‘Show all details’ is clicked in all open browsers so that you can see all the important information like details, qualification required, location etc., which will make you decide fast Will help whether you want to do this work or if you are qualified to work from your place.

Use the latest tab browser like the latest version of Chrome so that you can search HIT in all browsers with different parameters. That is, you can first find HIT in the first or first prize money in a browser, HIT is available first or foremost in any other browser. Now continue to refresh these windows in these 2-5 minutes so that any work can be added to the MITC and matches your interest, you can quickly accept it. Some HITs need to open 2-3 websites simultaneously to find and compare some data and a multi tab browser will help you speed up the task.

Check what HIT is paying. Keep an eye on such HIT and find out how you can be capable of completing this kind of HIT. If you do not experience high paying paying HIT which often comes, then try to acquire knowledge and skills to do such HIT.

Use a high speed internet connection. Now one day, you will get so many broadband connection providers who offer 2 Mbps or faster speeds at very cheap rates. Just imagine, you have clicked to accept HIT and it is taking time due to your slow connection and then you get a message “This HIT has been assigned to someone” or is not available “because someone else is fast Internet Connection has been accepted before accepting. If two or more people accept an HIT at the same time, then the person with the fastest PC and Internet connection Person will receive HIT.

Always make good connections with the requesters. Occasionally, a requestor does not approve the HIT because the requestor did not check the HIT properly or your answer was not to the mark. In this situation, you can contact the requester directly and ask him to approve HIT because you have done your best to solve it. In most cases, it will approve your HIT. If you are lucky or the requestor likes your work, then he can hand you over to the job and this will give you a lot of work. This is because if a requestor finds someone directly, he can save money for the MTC Commission.

If you are a Google, then you will find many forums dedicated to mTurk Become a part of such forum sites so that you can contact other MTKs and exchange ideas. Sometimes you may find some tips or tricks that can solve many of your problems in MTC. Joining the MTK Forum is absolutely free.

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