Amazon Mechanical Turk Terminology

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Amazon Mechanical Turk Terminology

This article describes the concepts and vocabulary of understanding how to effectively use the Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTK). They are presented in order that you would like them to encounter.

Amazon Mechanical Turk - Amazon Mechanical Turk Terminology
Amazon Mechanical Turk – Amazon Mechanical Turk Terminology


A requestor is a person (or company or organization) who asks the question of Amazon Mechanical Turk. As a requestor, he uses a software application to submit questions to Amazon Mechanical Turks service, retrieve answers and perform other automated tasks. A requestor can use the requester console ( to check the status of his queries and manage his account.

For workers, they are known as the creators of their HIT, and are known as manufacturer and maintenance of their qualification type. On the Amazon Mechanical Turk website, workers, according to their account, see their name.

Each requestor accepts an AWS access key ID and AWS secret key to sign each request cryptographicly with the Amazon mechanical Turkish service. To obtain the AWS Access Key ID and the AWS Secret key, visit and sign in with your account email address and password.


An employee is a person who answers questions for the Amazon Mechanical Turk. An employee uses the Amazon Mechanical Turk Web site to find answers, submit answers and manage your account.

For the requesters, an employee is known as the depositor of the HIT Assignment, and a qualification is requested as a user. The requestor joins the worker’s account ID (the alphanumeric string assigned by the system) with the assignment data and qualification requests.

The merit represents the worker’s reputation and capabilities. An employee’s qualification corresponds to the eligibility requirements of HIT so that workers can be allowed to accept HIT. A labor qualification can not be directly accessed by other users.

Human Intelligence Task (HIT)

Every question that the requestor asks for application is Human Intelligence, or HIT. An HIT contains all the information that the worker needs to answer the question in which the questioner is shown the question and how many answers will be treated as legitimate.

Each HIT has a reward, how much money the applicant pays to the fund managers who successfully completes the HIT.

He can request that more than one worker should complete HIT by specifying the maximum assignment property for HIT. When HIT meets to complete an employee, then the employee accepts HIT. The MTC creates an assignment to track the completion of the work and submits the answer to the worker.

Amazon protects Mechanical Turk Assignment while the employee is actively working on it, so no other employee can accept it or submit results. If the worker fails to complete the assignment before the specified time limit (worker leaves HIT), or if the employee chooses not to complete it after accepting it (employee worker gives HIT), assignment once again Provided by other workers to accept.

There may be several assignments in one HIT. To compare, or gather many opinions, it is useful to collect multiple answers of the same question. An employee can accept HIT only once, so many hires from many workers are guaranteed with assignments.

The requestor can specify the maximum number of assignments that any employee can accept for his HIT. It can set two types of limits:

The maximum number of assignments that any employee can accept for a specific type of HIT

The maximum number of assignments can be accepted by any employee for all your HITs, otherwise the HIT-type-specific limit is not already assigned.

Acceptance and payment

Once all requests in HIT have been requested, or an expired date specified by the requestor, its application retrieves the assignment with the answer data. If the answer to an assignment meets the question, then it approves the assignment. If HIT is not successfully completed then she can reject the assignment.

After the acceptance of the assignment, the Amazon Mechanical Turk automatically processes payment of reward to the worker. The reward is transferred from the account of the Requester to the worker’s account. It can be deposited or removed from your Amazon Mechanical Turk Account any time by using the requester web site.

Qualification and Quality Control

The requester can manage which particular qualifications can be accepted using a special HIT. A qualification is an attribute assigned to him to an employee. A name in G HITs who need it, or by browsing the merit type directly. The employee requests this type of qualification, and you request the request. A qualification type may include qualification exams. A qualification test is a set of questions similar to that of HIT, which the worker should answer to request eligibility. The requestor can provide a request manually by evaluating the worker’s test answers, or when he creates the merit type, you can include the answer key for the test.

For qualification types with a test and answer key, Amazon Mechanical Turk automatically processes eligibility requests, and sets the eligibility value specified by the Answer key. Amazon Mechanical Turk offers many system qualifications that represent the history of a worker’s account. The worker uses the system because the values ​​are constantly updated. Eligibility requirements can be included in an HIT based on these system qualifications.

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