Akismet Marking Comments as SPAM and solution

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Akismet Marking Comments as SPAM and solution

Akismet is one of the best plugins for wordpress to get rid of spam.

Akismet Marking Comments as SPAM and solution
Akismet Marking Comments as SPAM and solution

Although after some time you may feel, your comment is being filtered as spam by the Akismet spam filter. This is a known problem and may have many reasons, including your earlier comments, which have been marked by some administrator as spam, you are using the keyword as a commentator name, You are adding self promotion links to your comments and so on.

If you remember, I wrote a post a few days ago, how can you make your feed readers increase by 1000? So finally I got some time and I started adding comments on other blogs.

Before I comment, I keep some points in my mind:

  • No self promotion
  • No self links
  • Meaning full comments
  • Comments with at least 2 sentences.

When I started commenting on a regular blog, where I made the most comments, I found that my comment was not appearing in the post, nor did I get any familiar comment that my comment was placed under moderation. .

I logged in to one of the blogs where I had the privilege of the author and I found that Acmeet is marking my comments as spam.

These days I have seen that Akismet is putting most comments in the spam folder. Even from regular readers and bloggers If you have Akismet installed in your blog, be sure to check each comment before marking it as spam.

How does spam blocker work?

Akismet marks any comments in the form of spam in the following pattern:

  • Swear words, po * n words, poke * words
  • How your comment was previously operated by other blog administrators.

So if any of your comments are marked as spam, then all of your comments will go to the spam folder later.

How to get rid of Akismet spam problem?

A simple thing that you can do here is to add a comment to your friend’s blog and ask them to mark your comment as not spam. If not, you can comment on many different WordPress powered blogs, which receive moderate or under-commentary comments (hopefully they use all the accelerates), after adding 2-3 meaningful comments, Leave an email to email the administrator using the contact form and ask them to mark them. Do not comment as spam. This is a slow process but very effective. I recommend not commenting on highly active blogs, which get hundreds of annotations every day, because the time is not found to filter your comments on the spam folder.

Akismet algorithm will learn from the conversation with the user’s comments and the possibilities are too high that later your comments will not be marked as spam.

Alternatively you can contact them using the Akismet Contact page.

I wonder how many of you have faced similar issues? Do you check your Akismet Spam folder?

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