8 Steps to Write Amazing Articles to Your Blog

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8 Steps to Write Quality Contents to Your Blog

If you want that your visitors will stay on your website and they will come again on your website then you will have to write great contents.

When you write an article then if you should relies that the content written by you, is good to read and important to do something then you should write this article and publish it on your blog or website.

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But if you think that the content that is writing by you is not so good and not more informative then you should not write this type of articles and you should change your writing topic and writing styles.

Write Articles-Write Points on Paper
Write Articles-Write Points on Paper

If you have knowledge about the well and interesting writing then don’t worry, I will tell you some important Ways and styles so that you will be able to write quality contents to your website. You should keep attention on your grammar.

If you write excellent posts or articles, then it will good for your website. If you write better posts then more people will read your article.

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The more people read, the more people will like, the more people will share with their friends. By this way your website’s reputation will increase and your traffic will also increase. The more traffic to your website means more money from your website to you.

Here I will tell you some important step by step guide by which you will able to write better quality contents.

1. Choose Proper Headline Title

You have to choose your title some meaningful, attractive and beautiful. You should use the great phrase like “Top Lists of “, Top 5, Top 10, Top 100 etc.

These phrases are so attractive to the readers and the users want to know more these type of articles. However your title should not be so long, try to keep some short title for your post.

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The headline of title of any articles should be some attractive.

First time when anyone sees a headline then it is important that if your title is so attractive then the people will easily click on your title to know more about your article that what the great matter in the article is.

2. Write Something That People Want To Read!

Your articles should be related to your blog since the readers are coming to know more about the technology articles here, not for any health problems.

You should keep in mind that you should write for audience not for you. Keep your article on related topics of your blog.

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There are so many subjects to write on your blog. But main thing is that if your blog is about technology and you start about any health topic than it will be not good for your blog.

3. Article Should Easy To Read

You should not write so long paragraphs so that the readers will bore to read.

You should use short paragraphs and also use Bold, Italic and Underline features so that you may show some special effects and you may use numbers, bullets etc. to make easy to read.

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You should also take care of spelling and grammar, so that the reader will guess about your knowledge of language.

Many bloggers write articles in many styles. However the look of the article may be beautiful, but what if the readers will not able to read your article properly.

So you may use some stylish articles but it is important that your article should be easy to read, so that the reader easily read and understand the proper meaning of your article.

4. Use Images

However you should add the images those are related to your topic but you may use also some different type of images.

Images will attract the mind of the readers and the readers will come to know about your article, and they will read your article.

Google User-How to Become a Google Search
Google User-How to Become a Google Search

We know that – A picture speaks a thousand words. So You should use some images in your article so that it will look good and if your articles is so long then the reader will not bore while reading long article if you have some images.

5. Add Links

Today, it is trends that every blogger add links between their posts. However it is good idea if you use links of your blog posts between your article those are some related to your current post or some reference of any source.

There are two options of opening the window when anyone click on given links in your article.

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a. One is that when somebody click on your given link then a new window is open and your current posts remains open and

b. Second option is that when somebody click on your given link then the new article is opens on same window, this means your previous article will not remains open now.

The first option is good because if new window opens then your previous window will remain open. This means that the reader will not go away from your article.

6. Choose Proper Length Of Article

There are two types of articles. One is short article and second is long article. Both type of articles have their benefits.

  1. Long Articles Long articles are much better when you offer quality information that will help an individual. For Example- for tutorial the longer posts are better and more suitable. Long articles are of 1000 to 3000 words or more words.

  2. Short Articles Short articles are much better then lengthy articles because people find easier to read and also it takes less time to read. Short articles are of 500 to 1000 words.

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The main thing is that the article should be looking more appealing and broken up into small segments that are easy to read and readers will be willing to read them.

7. Write SEO Friendly Articles

This is simple you should use some keywords in your posts related to your article so that the search engines may easily find your post on search. There are some tags and Meta description by which your blog’s rank will be improved.

If you want to write an article that will show in search engines then you have to know some SEO methods and techniques so that your article will be search more and more.

8. Choose Proper Time To Publish Your Article

Many bloggers publish their posts as soon as they are ready. If you post your article at certain times then your traffic may increase to your site. The best time of publishing your article is-

  1. During Week Monday to Thursday, The weekend usually sees a drop in traffic, because people go off and do things on their days off.

  2. Daily Time2 to 6 PM GMT, Because Europe is finishing work and America is starting to wake up.

This is really works when you have an email list of readers to your site. You may send them automated updates to tell them to check your latest posts. You have a large amount of potential traffic that you could get to your site.

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