7 Important Things to Know About SEO

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Today every person on the web or every blogger want to know more about the SEO. SEO means Search Engine Optimization. If you want to increase your visibility on the internet than you have to follow some SEO Techniques so that your blog or website may get more traffic from the major Search Engines. The main search engine is the Google Search Engine. Here I will tell you about important things about SEO those are coming in 2013.


  • ·         Google Updates will Come – As we know that Google have updates many services in 2012 like Penguin and Panda algorithms have been changes in 2012 for removing the duplicate contents. In the coming year of 2013, it is more possible that Google will carry many new updates, many other algorithms and much more. So if we want to use of SEO for getting traffic to your website then you should be alert about the Google updates so that your SEO techniques will work well on your blog.


  • ·         Increase Author Rank – Since, these days, it is important that your website is getting rank in search engines, but in coming days, it is possible that Author rank will affect your SEO Tools. Authors with credibility on this front would seemingly have more visibility in the results. This potential search signal looks at the reputation and authority of the content source, rather than the popularity of the page.


  • ·         Local SEO – As the consumers are increasingly turning to local channels. These local channels are Yelp, CitySearch etc. If some brands want to stand out from the market then they should use the local SEO strategy. Since there is no more competition for local keywords, this approach could work wonders at helping you increase overall visibility.


  • ·         Google+ – There are many platforms for social networking like Facebook, twitter etc. but in coming year the Google+ will affect the social networking. To get started with authorship and Author Rank, you must have a Google+ profile, which is the site you will be connecting all the content you authored to. Many other changes may take place for Google+ like the old listings from Google Places being converted to social pages and Search + Your World indexing content native to the platform faster suggest that Google+ will be critically important to SEO year 2013.


  • ·         Mobile Search will Increase – These days, the mobile search is also increasing. So if you want to use the SEO Tips then you should use of Mobile Search Option to your website. This means is that your website should be mobile friendly. Many users are searching many websites through mobiles. The mobile search will only expand as more consumers browse the web from Smartphone and other devices.


  • ·         Video Content will Increase – YouTube is the main and famous video sharing website on the internet. This is the largest search engine on the internet for the videos. There are many people who are searching the YouTube for many purposes like site content, for marketers etc. So if you want to increase the visibility then you should use the video to enhance your website visibility.



  • ·         Website Responsiveness – If you want to keep more visible your website for both the conventional and mobile web, then your website should have a responsive design. Responsive web design is all about creating one website that looks and performs superbly on any device. 

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