6 Reasons Why Most of Bloggers Fail

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6 Reasons Why Most of Bloggers Fail

If you know that 9 out of 10 bloggers fail Most blogging people fail to earn money online.

There can be many reasons like they are not serious or they think blogging is a cake walking, etc. But I’ve reduced a list of 6 key reasons why a new blogger fails most of the time.

Blogger -Why Most of Bloggers Fail
Blogger -Why Most of Bloggers Fail

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According to more than 3 years of experience in blogging, 9 out of 9 out of 10 reasons have failed.

Choosing the wrong niche

The first reason is that they are unable to decide on one place. The niche of your blog is very important.

If your hobby is painting then it is difficult to create a blog on sex tips and make your blog a success. You have to choose your hobby which is close to your hobby or area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest.

When I started blogging, I started following successful bloggers. Most of these bloggers were either writing about the latest technology or blogging, so I started my first blog technosi on tech suggestions.

The first problem was high competition and the second problem was not interested in writing about this subject. So even after 6-8 months of working on this blog, there was no income.

A year later, I realized that I was going in the wrong direction. There is no scope for me on this subject.

Since I was involved in affiliate marketing since 2005, I had some good experience and had interest in making money. I thought of creating a blog around that topic and then I started blogging at my old domain Jobs 8 home.

Within 1 year, I was earning enough money from this blog. Then I went ahead to make other blogs and many of them are successful.

So in simple words, you can not start blogging about random things and can be successful. Most bloggers fail because their niche is not so precise.

Therefore, choose a topic that you know best and write about it without any problems.

Failed to make a narrative

Creating your narrative is very important. As soon as they read your blog, people should be able to relate to your story.

This means that people can understand what you are trying to say to them. If readers know the message that you are trying to express then your blog is successful.

However, most bloggers fail to do so. That’s because they are blogging in all directions.

In other words, their blogging is not exactly objective. Reader online only looks for objectivity.

Creating Materials

Creating the next content. You have to make content on a regular basis. Your content should be original and good to read.

If you write something without any experience or research, it will not be useful for readers and you will fail to make a good reader for your blog.

Most new bloggers fail to create unique content. They try to steal or rewrite the content of other bloggers.

In addition, a blogger has to make content on a regular basis. You need to update your blog at least twice a week.

So you need to work hard to create a good headline to write the full content. Most bloggers fail in that department.

SEO Ignore

Another reason for most of the bloggers fail is SEO. I am not suggesting that you have to be an expert in SEO.

However, you should know how to do basic keyword research. You have to create a keyword list and include those keywords in your content.

If you want to rank higher then keyword research is necessary. Similarly, you have to make quality backlinks for your site.

There were days when you can create thousands of backlinks for your site and rank any of your keywords for any of your keywords.

Today’s quality is most important and less good.

So if you are not doing SEO or promoting your content, then you are not going to be a successful blogger.

Just for the money

If you are only blogging for quick money, then you are wasted to fail. In fact, most bloggers fail because they think blogging is a quick way to earn money.

Blogging is about hobbies for one thing. If you have a hobby then you can write it. But most bloggers fail to realize it and they fail.

Never enter blogging because you wanted to make money overnight. Blogging is a long process and it takes time to make some money.

Impatient and restless

In the end, I would say that most bloggers are young and they are very impatient. Blogging took 2 years to earn my life.

So be prepared to spend at least 1 year before starting your earnings from your blog. Like this, you are going to get a bachelor’s degree in blogging and once you get a degree, you can think of earning money.

In blogging, you have to learn every day. If you want to learn something new, you can only blog.

If you new things

10 bloggers fail. I hope you can not make the same mistakes if you want to be a successful blogger.

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