6 Free SEO Tools for Research of Profitable Keywords

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If you have a blog or website then you have to knowledge about the keywords that how to research the profitable keywords for your niche or your blog. If you want to make money from your blog then you have to get more traffic for your blog. If you want to get more traffic then you have to follow some SEO Tools for getting more traffic. There are many SEO Tools by which you may research for profitable keywords. This is very necessary for any website or blog owner that he/she should have proper knowledge of keywords so that they will get more visitors, if you will get more visitors this means is that your earning will be high.


Here I will tell you about the Free SEO Tools. These tools allow you to research some of the best keywords as per the niche of your blog or website and you will get to know that what kinds of keywords are being used by other bloggers on your niche. Now first of all I want to tell you about some benefits of using keyword Tools.

Benefits and Objectives of Using Keyword Tools-

  • You may find the keywords with maximum search count
  • You may find most popular keywords on your niche
  • You may find the cost to pay for bidding on the keywords
  • You may find the most competitive keywords
  • You may find best matching keywords
  • You may find single words, phrase or long tail keywords
  • You may find relevant keywords for your blog
  • You may find the keywords with low search counts
  • You may find the keywords those should be used and those should be avoided
  • You may find the world-wide most searched keywords

List of Free SEO Tools for Researching Profitable Keywords-

  1. Google Adwords Keyword Suggestion Toolwww.adwords.google.com
  2. Market Samuraiwww.marketsamurai.com
  3. Keyword Countrywww.keywordcountry.com
  4. SEO-Book Keyword Suggestion Toolwww.seobook.com
  5. Word Trackerwww.wordtracker.com
  6. Ahrefswww.ahrefs.com

How do you get Help for Keyword Tracking Tools –

If you want the best keywords for your blog or website then you have to use the best keyword suggestion tools. As I have discussed above the most and best popular keyword suggestion tools. The main thing is that these tools are free to use and more effective ways to research for proper keywords. Google Adwords keyword tracking tool is the top and best SEO tool, after this, Market Samurai is also good for search proper keywords.

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