50 Ways to Promote Your Business Online

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50 Ways to Promote Your Business Online

If you are planning to start a business, then you should never ignore the power of the internet. No business can be successful without taking advantage of the power of the Internet today.

50 Ways to Promote Your Business Online
50 Ways to Promote Your Business Online

That’s why I helped you this article to promote and expand your business online.

50 Ways to Boost Your Business Online

No matter your business is small, medium or large, here are 50 ways, you can use your business effectively to promote online-

  1. Optimize Your Business for high rank in search engine

If you ever think about promoting your business online, then SEO (search engine optimization) should be your first priority. Millions of people use the search engine (mainly Google) to find the best products related to the products or services you sell.

Either you can learn a trained SEO expert SEO or higher who can handle your business website and can bring targeted traffic to increase sales.

  1. Create a Facebook fan page about your business

Facebook is a social media website and you need to make it the best. Create an FB fan page advertising your business, get an image and details.

Millions of people are effectively promoting their business on FB and receiving huge response for their products.

You need to increase the following fans on your Facebook page and update your page on a daily basis with tips, useful content or offers so that you can increase sales.

It would be a good idea to hire a dedicated social media manager or ask your SEO person to handle it.

  1. Create profiles on other social media platforms like Twitter and connect it with Google Plus

Social Media or Web 2.0 has expanded in the last 10 years. So you need to create profiles on other platforms like Twitter and connect it back to your Google Plus profile page.

  1. Create a network between content and your website with Google Plus

You need a website that gives all information about your business and connect the content to your Google Plus profile page. Visitors who visit the Google+ profile page should visit your website.

  1. All your company employees should join Google Plus, Facebook with a great profile

Ask your employees (from 6 to 8) to join their business page on Google Plus, Facebook etc., they need to create their profile and spread a word about their business.

  1. There is a separate profile for LinkedIn, which is designed for your industry

You need to create a separate profile for your business at LinkedIn. Here you will meet those people who are interested in your business not for the general public.

So the profile should be more technical.

  1. Get Others to Read and Leave Feedback to Read Your Business Profile

To comment and give some feedback, you need to encourage readers coming to your business profile page like Google+, Facebook, etc. Do not force them.

  1. Keep your business on Google Maps

Never forget to take advantage of the power of Google Maps Put your business on Google Maps so that others can easily know and access your business. It helps to expand online business.

  1. Syndicate Business Content With All Profiles On Social Media

You need to create an ideal network or syndication around the web. You have to connect your main content to your profile on every social media platform. So you can add people further and further.

  1. Locate every Google search engine in particular

Today traffic to your site comes with search engines like Google. In fact, social media comes after search engine traffic. So you need to rank higher on Google.

  1. Create a great business profile on Google Plus

Get started with winning Google Plus Google Plus is a great way to present your business online. Create a well-written profile about your business and let others read it.

  1. Create fresh content daily and user-generated content

This is the extension of the last point. You need to create good content to get traffic. Also you need user generated content such as comments, feedback, etc.

  1. Create and upload videos about your business on YouTube

You need to take advantage of the second largest search engine after Google. YouTube is where you can upload about 2-3 minutes of video about your business.

  1. Get help with press release websites

Never underestimate the power of press releases. The press release is paid and if you have money, you can pay some websites like prweb to publish your business in the main newspaper.

  1. Start selling your brand on social media by offering some freebies

If you want ideas to spread your business online, then you

They provide different types of services.

  1. Place ads about your business on classified ads

Make the best use of classified ads on the Internet Some are free and some are paid. I advise you to go for the payment because the viewer is huge.

Free classified sites like OLX, Quicker can also give you a good performance. Search Google for more

  1. Use Ava to collect emails and start sending email letters

Aubber is a monthly payment service where you collect email addresses of people who visit your site. Once you’ve got the collection, send an email newsletter informing your visitors about your business.

Promoting your business through email marketing with Aweber or other auto-responder is the most effective way to promote your business online.

  1. Create Groupon Promotion

Groupon promotion is also a great way to expand your business. Here you give free coupons to your new customers. Not only will you promote your business but you can attract a good crowd due to exemption.

  1. Google Adwords and other pay-per-click PPC programs

If they want to promote their business online, it is probably the best option for business owners. Bid for keywords and rank your business on search engines. The traffic is very fast but it can cost a fortune.

Google AdWords offers free coupons for $ 100 or less for beginners, so do not forget to use coupons to taste AdWords.

  1. Become an eBay Seller and start promoting your business

Millions of people come to eBay to buy different businesses. You can become an eBay seller and create your own brand. If you are popular then people would like to know about your business.

  1. Set up the Amazon storefront and spread a word about your business

Like eBay, you can set up the Amazon Store Front and spread your business. Both of these websites pull millions of people every day and there is a chance to promote your business.

  1. Use Flickr and publicize using photos

Since the article is about promoting your business online, you need to employ every method to promote it through photos. Upload cute and funny photos about your business on a website like Flickr.

  1. Craigslist is best for spreading awareness

Although I mentioned the promotion through classified ads, Craigslist is very different. It’s more popular and you get traffic that others can not get. If you want to promote your business in India then you can use the Christylist list India.

  1. Write a small ebook about your business and sell it on Amazon Kindle.

You can write a short ebook about your business and publish it on Amazon Kindle. The book can introduce some businesses about just about your business and sell for cheap prices.

  1. Get sponsorship from top bloggers

There are top bloggers on the internet who can help promote your business. You need to find and contact top bloggers in your area so that you can create partnerships.

  1. Daily or weekly podcasting about your business

When it comes to broadcasting your message over the Internet, podcasting has become a powerful tool. Record your video about your business and submit it to iTunes. Podcasting is becoming very popular among new marketers.

  1. Run a Crowd funding Campaign

Crowd funding can be used to increase money as well as to spread a word about your business. If your business is good, then you can also raise funds and market through fund funding.

  1. Join forums and Q & A and start the debate

You need to feel your presence on all social media platforms. Forum, Group Discussion, Q & A will help you to create a debate between Internet users.

You need to answer questions related to your business and participate in the debate.

  1. Guest blogging for top sites related to your business

You can write guest posts on top websites related to your business. Search all top websites and write guest posts with backlinks to your website.

  1. Start a debate on Google Hangout session every week

This is another powerful tool for exploitation. Google Hangouts is really powerful to organize online seminars. You can argue about your business on the internet with your employees and others.

  1. Organize an interview on podcast with gurus and experts in your industry

You need to conduct an interview or a Q & A session with podcast industry experts and gurus. You need to acknowledge that your product is really good and people should also buy it.

  1. Create a survey with surveys monkeys and posts everywhere

Create a survey with your Survey Monkey about the business. To give you justification for your business and people

  1. Create your free app for your business

How can you not create an app for your business? You can create a free app related to your business and distribute it to visitors coming to your website online.

  1. Join ClickBank as a salesperson and use the power of affiliate marketers

Another great way to boost your business is through clickbank. ClickBank is a great website for selling products. So sellers like you can open an account and start selling your business. You will receive affiliate marketers automatically and they will promote your business.

  1. Build partnerships or joint ventures with successful businesses

Partnerships and joint ventures can expand your business online. You need to be in touch with people who are already successful in their business.

Collaborate with them and promote your business online.

  1. Publish report, Infographics on Scribbled, Tumbler etc.

Publish reports about your business in various publications such as a script or a tumbler. Give an artistic touch when you are working with a tumbler.

You will be able to talk to young people.

  1. Stay on Yelp, Bing Business List

It comes to listing small and medium sized businesses when Yelp is a great search engine. Use Yelp for your business listing at any cost. Similarly, use Bing to list your business.

  1. Hootsuite to manage social media campaigns like Twitter

All about online social media and you will run hundreds of campaigns using Twitter, Facebook etc. You can manage them using Hootsuite.

  1. Play an active role in the blogosphere

The Blogosphere can help you shape your story. You have to keep your business there. Make daily blogs about your business and related things. You will be immediately popular.

  1. Use Foursquare and check where you go

You can use the Foursquare software and check the places you go to. This will help spread a word about your business.

  1. Use crazy eggs and research tools like Google Analytics to target your customer.

To understand customers like your demographics, age, country, income, etc. you should have crazy eggs, tools like Google Analytics.

This gives you insights about them and lets you accurately target your customers.

  1. Focus on local media and make a connection with them

Never underestimate the media in your city or city. You get to make a connection with them. You need to sponsor your business through online magazines and their website.

  1. Article marketing

Do not ignore the power of article marketing. You can write small articles that promote your business through Ezine articles. Still small and medium sized businesses use Ezine articles. You can also write quality content on sites like HubPages and other graph directories and Web 2.0 sites. You will definitely get a good response from these sites.

  1. Tell your family members and employees to join the online family

You can bring your family and friends to join all your social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc. Extend your business network by including your expanded family and employee network.

  1. ​​Always answer your readers and establish a personal touch

Your business will succeed only if you respond to your readers and make special relationships with them. If you want to succeed online, your readers are the property and they will take your message forward.

  1. Make your presence in main stream media

Although the article is about promoting your business online, you should not minimize the power of the mainstream media. If you want to do an informal about your business on mainstream channels, then it is very good.

  1. Try writing for mainstream newspapers such as TOI, IE Online

You can become a columnist and write for newspapers like TOI, Indian Express and many other local newspapers. In Bio, you can write about yourself and your business.

  1. Organize events related to your business

Events are very important to spread your business. Take part in it and boost your business. You meet people from different backgrounds.

  1. Explore offline opportunities and bring it online

Do not last but least search for offline opportunities and try your best to bring it online. Like business cards, offline ads, etc.

If you have discovered some other ways that can help increase the online business, please share it through comments.

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