101 Small Business Ideas

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101 Small Business Ideas

Are you looking for ideas to start your own small business? Here I am presenting 101 best small business ideas, which do not require big budget. I am sure, you will find at least one that meets your skills and budget.

Initially, you can start at a personal level and then make it bigger.

1.Coaching and Tuition Center

Start a coaching and tuition center where you can read the students who are not getting enough knowledge in their schools.

2.Fast food restaurant 

Food Parks in India
Food Parks in India

In the fast food restaurant like CAAT or junk food, the younger generation is in great demand.

  1. Jewelry Designer

If you can design ornaments for them then you can meet high customers. It is popular in urban cities.

  1. Astrology and Vastu Services

Tell about the future of a person and help in building a house according to Vaastu.

  1. Beauty Parlor

A beauty parlor of young women who are fashion conscious.

  1. Sewing and Hammer

Tailoring shop where you can wear custom make-up clothes.

  1. Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing is about making pamphlets, brochures, posters etc.

  1. Driving Coaching Center

Many people want to learn driving, so you start teaching coaching centers.

  1. An Advertising Agency

You can help others to advertise your business through your advertising agency.

  1. Data Entry Services

The data entry service is to feed the data in the computer. IT companies need small data entry companies. You can start one.

  1. Dairy and live stock

In live stock there are animals like buffalo and cows. You can use your milk to start dairy or sell to others.

  1. Detective Services

People want to spies on their husbands and enemies You can provide this service to them.

  1. Air, rail and road ticketing services

People are traveling every time and you can help them get tickets.

  1. Marriage services

Help people find their soul mates through marriage beauru.

  1. A small boutique

Young people prefer fashionable clothes so that they are ready to spend money.

  1. Chocolate and Candy Maker

Children love to grow chocolate and candy.

  1. Religious and Motivational Speaker

People want to hear and preach, so you can help them.

  1. Security services

With the increase in crime and other related incidents, people are looking for security services.

  1. Real Estate Agency

Home is one of the basic requirements. Therefore, there is huge demand for property.

  1. Dog Trainer

We love pets. Pet lover always want to train his dog or kitten. Here’s an article to start a dog training business.

  1. Flowers Shop

Everyone loves giving gifts to their loved ones and flowers are the best way to do this.

  1. Painting and Art Classes

Teach children as well as adults to paint things related to art and art.

  1. Relationship Counselor

Help couples find their way through a troubled relationship.

  1. Spa & Resorts

Disposable people interested in spending their income on spa and massage parlors.

  1. Party Hall Organizer

You can organize the party or events related to it. Find out more here.

  1. Personal Nutritionist and Physical Trainer

Health conscious soul is looking for nutritionists and physical trainers.

  1. Selling online

Sell ​​products online and earn huge amounts.

  1. Female Special Services

It is a good thing to start a women-related business.

  1. Bicycle and Two Wheeler Repair Shop

Starting a series of bicycles and two wheeler repairs can be very attractive.

  1. Interior Designing

Interior designing is an extended business and you can tap into this market.

  1. Catering Services

You can meet food and other logistics for small and large companies, homes, hostels and more.

  1. Toilets and bath services

Help clean up your country by providing a toilet and a bath room. This is a growing business.

  1. Forex trading

You can become a Sub Broker and open Forex trading business.

  1. Childcare & Nursing

Day Care Where you take small children and educate them, they are an emerging business in India.

  1. Sales Advisor

Sales counselors can help those companies who are selling goods.

  1. Ayurvedic and Homeopathic Medicine Shop

People are looking for Ayurvedic and Homeopathic remedies on traditional medicines.

  1. Wedding Video Recording

Record marriage videos and other events.

  1. Insect and rodent control services

If people want to get rid of pests, insects and rodents etc. they need you.

  1. Computer network set up

New organization or start up requires someone to set up their computer. You can help them.

  1. Organic farming

Organic farming can help you produce vegetables and fruits that are not available in your country.

  1. Antique Store

Collecting antiques is a hobby for many people and you can help them.

  1. Men’s Salon

Men are also like women, so they like to go to a salon.

  1. Computer Repair Services

Repair hardware and install software in PC.

  1. Dentistry

Therapeutic problem is very common. And you will not be difficult to find customers.

  1. Courier Services

Send objects to the world.

  1. ​​MS Office and Basic Computer Tutor

Teach the children the basics of young children in the small children and expand it later.

  1. Fashion Designing

Even a common man wants to wear designer clothes. So you can design for them and tap a huge market.

  1. Transportation Services

People have to go home and home from the office. You can provide them a convenient transportation.

  1. A bakery

You can bake the cake, biscuits and bread. These things are in great demand.

  1. Stock Trading Trainer

If you know this skill, then how do the newcomers become successful stock marketers, because many people want to make money in stock trading.

  1. Personal accountant

Businesses and others require a personal accountant who is dedicated to them for 24 hours.

  1. Freelance Writer

Write for someone and then expand by enlisting more independent authors under them.

  1. Photo Shop

Photoshop is about taking pictures of people and giving them as soon as possible.

  1. Web Entrepreneurs

Take a computer connected to the Internet and start an online business. You can earn a large amount.

  1. Job counseling

Graduates are looking for jobs and if you are running job counseling services, they will surely come to you.

  1. Gas station

Also known as petrol pump. It never stops. So it is difficult to start a business but the profit is very good.

  1. Resume and Speech Writer

Resume Writer is very demanding. You can design or write for them. You can easily get thousands of offers per day on the internet. Speech writer is also an attractive business.

  1. Gym and Fitness Club

People are getting health consciousness and there is a sharp increase in the Mushrooming gym and fitness club. You can also start a gym and then expand it.

  1. Buying and Selling a Car

People are ready to buy a second hand car. You can buy and sell cars and earn huge profits.

  1. Electric Generator Services

Electric Generators are required to organize tasks and events. You can get generators and start serving.

  1. Application Development

If you have a background computer and have some information about programming, then app development is the right choice for you.

  1. Ice Cream and Fruit Juice Center

Ice Cream Parlor or Fruit Juice Center is another small business idea that you can think of starting.

  1. Dance Class

The younger generation is looking for a place to calm down and make some fun. And the dance class can be that place. If you know about dance, then you can think of starting this small business.

  1. Blogging Advisor

Internet is growing and daily people are choosing blogging as their career. If you are a blogger then you can consult other new bloggers and earn money.

  1. Candle Manufacturer

Making candles is one of the great small business ideas. Especially for those women who can easily start it.

Designer candles are very much in demand.

  1. An Eye Clinic

People are ready for their fashion and style through their money. In an eye clinic they could buy a pair of glasses.

Second, people with eye-related diseases look for eye clinics.

  1. Sporting Club

Sporting or Rotary Club is the best way to earn money. You can organize such clubs and fees from each included member.

This is also a very small business idea.

  1. Cleaning Services

Hotels, shopping malls, schools, railways and bus stations, organizations need a janitor for cleaning and maintenance of the building.

If you can rent these janitors and offer cleaning services, you can make it a profitable business.

  1. Chit Funds

Chit Fund is also a small business idea. You can start with your family and friends.

  1. Plumbing Services

Every building requires plumber and you can provide plumbing services for the construction of owners. You need to hire plumbers and make them available if they need to demand.

  1. Web Designer

Make a website for others and charge them. Web designing is an emerging business.

  1. eBay Seller

Buy and Sell Products on eBay. Buy products at a lower cost and sell them at a higher price.

  1. Horticulture Services

Horticulture is yet another big small business. If you have specialization then you can offer gardening services from homes to hotels.

  1. Program Manager

Big business tasks such as marriage or party event managers are essential for organizing. This business is growing.

  1. Automobile Garage

Start the repair and servicing of automobiles.

  1. SEO Services

You can give website owners SEO services in bringing their website into search results. This will increase their business.

  1. Personal Dawa

The midwifery job is a lot of pay, especially if you are working for a wealthy family.

  1. Cyber ​​& Gaming Cafe

Cyber ​​and gaming cafes have the opportunity to start a business with minimal investment. Later you can expand.

  1. Distributors and Dealers

You can become a distributor or dealer for different companies. You have to distribute your products in the market.

  1. Freelance Writers

Freelance writing can be turned into a small business.

  1. Judo and Karate Trainer

For personal safety children and women in schools are looking for judo and karate instructors. You can provide this service.

  1. Household Appliance Repair

You can repair household appliances such as wash machines, grinders, carpet cleaners, etc.

  1. Cook or Cook

Those who do not have time, they seek cook. If you have a team of cooks then you can offer this service. Cooks are in great demand and you can make it a successful business.

  1. Business Consultant

You can consult or assist someone about starting a new business.

  1. Carpentry Service

Furniture repair and accessories are required in each home. You can help every home in your area by carpentry service.

  1. Career Counselor

Help children guide their career. Career counseling is also an attractive area to make money.

  1. Laundry Services

Laundry is a necessity so you will never leave the customer. Laundry service is an evergreen small business opportunity.

  1. Female Driver Services

Companies, hotels and other organizations require female drivers for their female employees. You can fulfill them because it is a great opportunity to make money.

  1. Social Media Advisor

With the emergence of the Internet, they are connecting through social media like Facebook and Twitter. So you can consult them.

  1. Electronic Goods Retailers

There is a huge demand for electronic goods by consumers, you can invest some money and start this business.

  1. Film and acting classes

Give classes on film and acting is also a great small business idea.

  1. Cable operator

Everyone has a TV set and it is useless without a cable network. Therefore, cable operators are demanding.

  1. Construction and Transfer Services

Cranes, trucks and other heavy vehicles are also constructed for construction as well as moving objects. If you have a machinery then this is for you.

  1. A Call Center

Solve consumer questions with a telephone call You need to get a small team and run a call center.

  1. MLM

Multi level marketing can be converted into a successful small business.

  1. Taxes and Legal Services

You can consult or give legal services to those people who need them.

  1. Opening a TV station

Although this is a bit tricky but if you can make the best fortune.

  1. Newspapers and Magazines Distributer

You can distribute newsletters, magazines and other circulation people at home or stalls.

  1. Series of tea stalls

A series of tea stalls is a very small business idea.

  1. Weight Loss and Benefit Center

If you have the resources then you can get weight loss and center.

  1. Voluntary Services

Finally, this is not a business but voluntary services. It is also very beneficial. You can think of creating NGOs.

You can choose the idea of ​​one of the 101 small businesses. Not every business is for you but you can choose one that you can feel that you can start.

So the best of luck!

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