10 Ways You Can Safe While Using ATM

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10 Ways You Can Safe While Using ATM

24 x 7 ATM makes our life very easy because you do not have to go to the bank for a transaction. However, this feature can bring unexpected hazards to many other people.

ATM Card-Safe While Using ATM
ATM Card-Safe While Using ATM

If you are not sufficiently alert then using ATM today can be dangerous. Every time you use ATMs for transactions, you have to be safe and vigilant.

So I wrote this article to help you take cautious steps when I was in an ATM machine.

I have given below some suggestions from my experience of using ATMs. We will talk about simple solutions on your PIN, how to do transactions, and other simple but important safety measures.

The right time to withdraw money

When you take money, always plan. You have to choose the right time, so avoid cash withdrawal from early morning (6 am to 9 pm) and late night (8 am to 10 meter). You should withdraw money between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. This is the safest time.

Although ATM is for 24×7, data shows that most of the crime related to ATMs is in the evening at 7.00 in the morning and in the morning. Therefore, plan ahead before removing cash. I think there is an emergency but avoid this.

Be careful when using your PIN

Now we will discuss about the pin. One of the most common exercises is typing in your reverse order of your personal identification number (PIN) if you feel there is something wrong. It is also known as the reverse pin of the ATM. This security feature is accepted by all ATM machines, although it will automatically complain to the nearest police station.

Be careful with your pin and do not write it behind your hand or card or at the ATM card cover. You have to remember it.

This is a very common device that never uses the same PIN as your name, birthday, telephone number or car number etc. The pin should be very strong.

Use caution once you are inside an ATM booth

Take a look once you are inside an ATM booth. If you see any camera or something unusual, avoid using ATMs. There may be equipment imposed to retrieve your account details.

Cover your screen and do not let others see it when the transaction is running.

After the transaction is done press the Cancel button Do not forget.

Avoid spending time at ATMs. You have to withdraw immediately immediately. Take a few seconds to collect cash and write slips or other activities. Fill in all the slips and other deposit slips related to the transaction and enter the ATM in your home. Do not write in the ATM booth, come ready.

Caring with your transaction

For each transaction you activate SMS alerts or mail alerts. This will help you track all your transactions.

If you know that the transaction is incomplete, call the bank and ask them for more information. If the transaction is incomplete then the ATM will be displayed.

Keep the transaction receipt with you and match the bank statement.

Once it matches the bank statement and you feel there is no tear of the receipt or it has broken it. You do not have to keep it with you.

If you are having any problem, always ask for help from your bank.

Other Simple Yet Effective Security Tips

  • Always use an ATM in the public sector with a safety guard and clear light.
  • Be careful and keep an eye out when you withdraw money. If you are suspicious, take some notice
  • Always avoid getting help from someone else at the ATM. You should know everything because you can not get help from an unknown person.
  • Do not take valuables such as jewelry, cell phones and other accessories at ATMs.
  • If you find something wrong then complain to the security guard outside the ATM.

So these were some security measures that you need to take during the withdrawal of money from the ATM. I have learned all these from my personal experience.

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