10 Ways to Increase Twitter Followers

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10 Ways to Increase Twitter Followers

Social media has always taken control of the internet market, yesterday, it was orkut, its Facebook, and yesterday, all its Twitter!

10 Ways to Increase Twitter Followers
10 Ways to Increase Twitter Followers

Twitter is really a powerful tool for online social networking, it promotes your online work and helps people learn the world around you. To maximize the use of Twitter, you need to bring followers on the site. Having more people, more likely you will know about it! Your interests and activities are popular among those who are following you.

Although in Pakistan, Twitter has failed to establish a huge market, nevertheless, each of us knows what is the status of Twitter in the Internet world! Here are some ways to increase your followers on Twitter, and I’m sure they will help you! It may take a bit more time but till the end you will have everything you want.

Here are 10 ways, through which you will learn how to get more followers for your Twitter!

  1. Promoting publicity

Do you have any ideas about retweeting? Well, by pushing your username into a social graph, and obviously bringing clicks to your profile is the result. Make sure you tell your followers what is back, and ask them to like your retweet. Using the Interpretitist, you can also track your retweet.

  1. Make an incredible profile!

Like Facebook, or any other social media, your profile plays a real role. You should fill the recommended bio in the first place, do not forget that your bio is your identity which tells you about it. Apart from this, your bio appears to people on Twitter’s suggested user page. Discourages an empty or obscure bio to talk to you at the first place.

  1. Link!

It is OK to have few followers on IF and ONLY IF, you have a good number of followers in a different way, because in that case, bringing your followers in your tweets is not a big deal. For that, you have to link yourself. It really means that you can link it to other social media such as Facebook, Blog etc.

  1. Use your passion and skill, attract people!

There are people who judge you indirectly through your material. Trust me on that. So to attract people towards your Twitter, Tweet about your passion in life and tag them. I want to remind you again that a quality material is needed to encourage people to add you.

  1. Get a life!

Your twitter needs to survive in the physical world too. Talk about it verbally to those people you meet, present slides and also mention it on your business card. It appeals to those who really want to be in touch with you at any cost, and Twitter can be used as a forum.

  1. Love picture? Use pictures!

Think, what is the most eye-catching material for you on Facebook or elsewhere? Photos! right? The same is the case here, take pictures, upload them and you will see how it boosts your fan. The pictures have been largely retweeted. This is primarily because it keeps entertaining along with followers as well as entertainment. For mobile images you can use the iPhones app, such as Tweetie or Twitterific

  1. Encounting people

Tell them some reasons, some attractions to join you, you can start a campaign or start a competition, which is also happening on your Twitter.

  1. Focus on the attractive content

Now you need to do some search practice. Search for followers of a good amount of people, focus and see what they are providing in their bio. Learn from their strategies and try to follow them in real fact, keeping you in mind.

  1. Keep in touch

Constant contact with people who are actually following you, encourage others to befriend you. Answer and stay in constant things. Join conversions. Show those people that you are alive.

  1. Use Twitter

I have to say that TwitterCounter can solve your problem in tracking your results. It will tell you how many new users are adding each day and after a tweet, when someone follows you, Qwitter will mail you. (Some that have not been introduced by Facebook for their users so far.)

  1. Find and add existing contacts using Twitter tools

To get sufficient number of followers, you should first contact your existing contacts. Like any new born business, when you start something, you contact people you know in the beginning. Know that method too well here too. You will follow them if you follow them. So you need to find your friends and add them. You can also send an email to each of those people.

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