10 USA Business Ideas Which Become Big Successes in India

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10 USA Business Ideas Which Become Big Successes in India

Many of us who live in India do not know how other countries have influenced the whole way in our culture and lifestyle.

One such country is USA. Do you know that many companies and their products used in our daily lives are fully based on American companies.

10 USA Business Ideas Which Become Big Successes in India
10 USA Business Ideas Which Become Big Successes in India

In India, in the last 10 years, many of our new start-ups and companies are motivated by companies in the United States. These companies are both online-based start-ups and offline-based companies. In fact, the younger generation is still motivated by the American model of capitalism.


We have made a list of 10 USA ideas which has become a big success in India.

In fact, I would say that many of these ideas have become more successful in India than in the United States. After reading this article, you will be surprised to know that these ideas did not actually come to India from the United States.

  1. Baazee.com

The first commercial model made in India on the lines of the United States was Baazee.com. The idea of ​​making Baazee.com was copied from eBay.com. It was India’s first portal website for online shopping. Earlier, there was not a single Indian website for online shopping.

We all have to rely on American sites like eBay and Amazon. However, in March 2000, two entrepreneurs Avinash Bajaj and Suvir Sujan launched this website. Although this was a major success though in 2006, both of these people had sold eBay for $ 50 million (at that time for 230 million rupees).

So modeling on Baazee.com ebay was the most successful business idea.

  1. Kaun Banega Crorepati

The second American idea that has become a big success in India is KBC or who is a millionaire. Yes KBC is not an Indian show. If you know that this game show was completely named after the American game show which is called Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

The show started in the US in 1999 and the next year KBC arrived in India. So you could see how KBC realized the success of its American version and modeled in India. KBC helped Amitabh Bachchan earn enough money to repay the loan.

So it is again one of America’s copy ideas which was a big success in India.

  1. Naukri.com

If you know India’s number one job site, then Naurki.com is not an original Indian idea. It is also made after the US job site, Monster.com. Naurki.com was launched in the year 1997, although it became public in the year 2006 and it was completely job search engine.

Naukri.com has more than 80,000 live job listings and over 25 million job seekers. Monster.com was launched in the year 1999. Naurki.com has been modeled after monster.com, which is an American based online success.

If you know today that Naukri.com has become more popular than the monster in terms of Alexa Ranking.

  1. INOX, PVR multiplex

The fourth American idea that has succeeded in India is multiplex. Yes, if you know that multiplex culture came to India after the United States. Earlier we had the cinemas without any sound effects. However, people were demanding more in India, so businessmen started investing in making new multiplexes.

Inox started in 1999 and if you know that INOX is based on US AMC theaters (American Movie Theater). AMC was established in 1920. Therefore, Inox took an idea from AMC and started making multiplexes in India. PVR is also like Inox.

  1. BookMyShow.com

BookMyShow also became a big success in India. Now you can book tickets for movies, events, etc. If you know that bookmix has been modeled after the US-based ticketing servicing named Fandango. Fundgo came in 2000 and bookmesh came 2 years later in 2012.

Therefore, Bookimsho learned from the success of Fundango and launched the site in 2012. Bookimoshosh started with three friends Ashish, Parikh and Rajesh.

  1. Big Bazaar and Central

We especially like shopping for a mall and the nearest shopping mall can be Biz Market or Central. If you know that the culture of going shopping malls comes from America. The largest shopping mall in American companies such as Walmart.

The Big Bazaar or Central is actually based on Walmart. You can say that the big market is Wal-Mart of India. The Big Bazaar came in 2001 and Wal-Mart is present since 1962.

That’s why another American thought that became popular in India.

  1. MakeMyTrip.com

In India 15 years ago there was no online booking booking ticket for airline or railway. However, after the launch of websites like MakeMyTrip.com, Yaatra.com etc. you can now book online airline tickets for very cheap prices, hotels online.

After the arrival of these websites, the full concept of booking ticket changed to India. If you know that MakeMyTrip is modeled after American websites like Xpedia.

After the success of Expedia in the United States, the MakeMyTrip was launched in the year 2000 in India.

  1. Indian Premier League (IPL)

Change comes here. This year the IPL is going to start and everyone likes to watch the match. If you know that franchising

Succeeded like the NFL and it is still getting very strong. Yes, another American concept which became a big success in India.

  1. Cafe Coffee Day

Cafe Coffee Day concept also came from America. Cafe Coffee Day has been modeled on Starbucks. You can say that this is the Indian version of Starbucks. If you know that the founders of the cafe coffee day only increase the bean seeds. But after understanding Starbucks’s success in America, he launched his series in India in 1996. Sitabux Coffee and Cafe Coffee Day is also famous for coffee.

  1. Olx.com

Yes, the purchase and sale on the internet in India was brought to you by Olx.com in the year 2006. However, in America it was popular from the 80s. The most popular company in America was the Craigslist established in the year 1995 and it became a huge success there. In India, Olx was modeled after Craigslist in 2006. So these were 10 American ideas that became very popular in India too.

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