10 Things to Consider for Indian Bloggers Before Starting Blogging

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10 Things to Consider for Indian Bloggers Before Starting Blogging

Blogging is a great way to express money as well as express yourself in the blogosphere. However, in the last decade blogging has become the means of making money completely. So if you are an Indian blogger then things can be slightly different from bloggers outside India.

Starting Blogging
Starting Blogging

So we see what you should consider if you are an Indian blogger.

  1. Will blogging be full-time career or part time

Blogging is done on a full-time basis in India and around the world as well as on a part-time basis. If you want to do blogging as your career choice, then you have to find out whether it will be your full time job or you will be part-time.

Do not take blogging casually, if you seriously think that you will only make your life through blogging, then you have to take it as a full time job. You can also make blogging as your part time job and earn money.

Indian bloggers should be clear that blogging will be full-time career or part-time or not.

  1. Blogging for Hobby or Just For Money

Indian bloggers should be clear whether they are blogging for money or they are doing it out of obscenity.

There are many bloggers who blog because they enjoy writing and communication with their readers. However, there are bloggers who are basically called webmasters and they run a blog with the intention of making money year after year.

So both are two different things. Thus, you should be clear about which category you are fit because there is a difference between blogging for blogging and money for money.

  1. With blogging you can not earn a living in a few days or months

Since an Indian blogger does not start with the intention of starting blogging, you will earn enough money to feed your family. No, it’s not going to happen.

In blogging, you start making money in a few days or weeks. This is a process and it takes time to create readers and then you earn some money.

So, if you want to be a blogger then do not miss your full time job. When you can earn enough money from blogging, you only have to give up your work.

Therefore, Indian bloggers should never make this mistake.

  1. Knowledge of English

Never take language for casual blogging. You must have the basic knowledge and understanding of English. Here I am talking about Indian bloggers.

In India, as we all know that English is not their first language. Therefore, they make some basic mistakes in writing blogs that can be avoided.

So, check that you learn proper English and if you are an Indian then start blogging.

  1. Very few real Indian bloggers to follow

In India, there are some bloggers who can inspire you or you can see. So here, there is the real lack of good bloggers. Therefore, if you want to learn blogging then you have to come up with your ideas.

You need to be creative as an Indian blogger. If you are copying some journal to the internet and then writing your blog then this will not work.

Therefore, Indian bloggers should know the fact that there are some good bloggers in India.

  1. The niche or topic of your blog

This is another challenge for an Indian blogger. He needs to think and come up with an idea on which he will make his blog.

To create a blog you need daily content that is unique and high quality. Therefore, you have to choose the topic of your blog very carefully.

In India, you will find bloggers who usually write about technology. In fact, most Indian bloggers are writing about technology. Many of them write about art, culture, life, health, beauty etc.

Therefore, you decide on the place of your blog.

  1. Writing Skills or Marketing Skills

As I said earlier, blogging can be about your passion or earning money. Similarly, you can either blogger with a great writing skills or marketing skills. This means, generally there is one of the skills in bloggers.

In India, I have noticed that bloggers generally lack marketing skills. They are not able to persuade or persuade readers to sell readers.

Therefore, you need to achieve both in your blogging.

  1. You earn less money through relevant advertising

These are some facts that an Indian blogger who has been blogging for some time should know about it.

In India, if you are applying for an AdSense program, then cost-per-click (CPC) is much less compared to countries like the United States.

Therefore, Indian bloggers earn fewer money relative to bloggers in developed countries.

  1. You do not make any money through affiliate marketing

In the relevant advertisement, Indian bloggers earn less money but in affiliate marketing they do not earn any money.

In fact, Indian bloggers do not earn money by selling online products through their blogs. They still do not know about selling products. There are several reasons for this that can not be included in a paragraph. Some of them lack writing skills, people in India rarely have

You do not find affiliate marketers in India. They are all from America.

  1. There is no social recognition for bloggers in India

In India, people still do not know about blogging. They do not think of blogging as a serious career. Here, they all know that there are businesses like doctors, engineers, lawyers etc. Yet blogging is not much in India. The young generation living in urban India only knows about blogging, the rest of India is completely unaware of the word.

Thus, when it comes to blogging in India, it is difficult to find social acceptability. Inclusion! In this article, I have highlighted some problems which can face bloggers in India. Therefore, it is advisable to keep them in mind before starting blogging.

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