10 Real Ways to Make Quick Money

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There are many ways to make money online. You may make money from writing articles to the websites or you may make money by affiliate marketing or other advertisement programs. But here I will tell you some effective ideas for making money online.

10 Realistic Ways to Make Quick Money-

  1. 1.      www.conduit.com – This website is allowing you to customs toolbars. When someone downloads your toolbar, you will be get paid. More download means more dollars.


  1. 2.      www.ebay.com – ebay is the famous website where you can sell or purchase everything you want to. There are number of categories that start selling your family or friend’s items for a commission.


  1. 3.      www.mturk.com – This is a marketplace of  work provided by the www.amazon.com. Here you may find tasks like testing sites, Writing some articles, taking and completing surveys and earn money from mturk.


  1. 4.      www.experts-exchange.com –  If you have technical knowledge then you may make good money. You have to answer people’s questions on any technical issues regarding software or Hardware, programming or related questions, then you will be paid for this work.


  1. 5.      www.microworkers.com – You may do microjobs on this website. You have to complete tiny works online for people like signing up for websites, Linking websites or digging etc.


  1. 6.      www.studentoffortune.com – This is a platform where are many tutorials and homework services. Students may ask questions on this site and get their answers and also may get some reward points or cash.


  1. 7.      www.99designs.com – This is good for whom those are have good photoshop. It is perfect place to cash in your skills. You may enter logo, t-shirt, icon etc.


  1. 8.      www.chacha.com – This is a search engine powered by real people. When you respond to someone’s search you will be paid some amount for that.


  1. 9.      www.fiverr.com – This is a marketplace for $5 jobs. People offer jobs and you have to complete it in time and only for $5. The work may be of wordpress installations, Plugins, translations etc.



  1. 10.  Paid Articles – There are many websites those are paying for good articles. If you are interested in writing then you should write articles and you may get much money from the websites. Some websites are – www.ehow.com , www.brighthub.com , www.constant-content.com etc.  

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