10 Businesses that can be started with 1 Lakh Rupees Only

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10 Businesses that can be started with 1 Lakh Rupees Only

There are many businesses you can start with small amount of investment. We are going to show you at least 10 business ideas that can be started in India with just Rs. 1 Lakh. It is very important to consider all the ideas that you can get to start a business that would work the best for you.

Business-How to Start Small Business
Business-How to Start Small Business








Here are some ideas that would work the best for you.

1.   Courier Service –

This is the oldest business idea that will never and can never go bad. Competitive rates and best serviceability is all that you need.

2.   Moving & Packaging Services

This service is needed greatly by the people who are constantly on a move; assistants and the vehicles are all that one needs.

 3.   Carpooling Services –

This service is more like a taxi service with the exception that more than one people share this great service.

4.   Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting service is seen to be much in demand these days and it is very easy to install and needs comparatively lesser the investment.

These businesses are seen to work great and may work wonder so go on and try these ideas!

 5.   Social media Assistance Service –

Social media is equally important for the businesses both big and small. This business serves as an extension to one’s all the social networks such that one gets to know about how well their all the social connections really happen to be.

6.   HR & Recruiting Service –

It is seen that the businesses especially small businesses can not afford their own HR department. They are also seen to not easily afford the big recruitment firms. The HR professionals who have a great experience in this field can surely use this opportunity to bridge the gap between the company and the efficient recruitment.

 7.   Translation Services –

With the rise in the globalisation both for small and large businesses has seen an increase for the demand in the translation services. These services also offer a platform to bridge the language barrier that exists for all the client company/business. It is also true that if one knows any language that is useful in the business then one will definitely never go without even a business opportunity.

8.   Boardroom Facilities –

This is the most expensive of all ideas that is discussed over here. This is the best idea for those people who have got an empty space, but no use for it.

 9.   Medical Tourism Service –

Throughout the world it is the truth that India has got some of the best medical facilities. This feature has made lots of people in the foreign countries come to the India to seek these services.

10.               Dietary Consultation Services –

Both eating and health is important in big cities, this makes dietary consultation services a very good idea.

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